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We left her alone in the morning.
We untied her and let her go.
She silently and wearily left.

And we finally went to bed.
I woke up first, saw the sleeping Volosyanka and thought that we must prepare for what will now come with the police zoo technician and take us away.
“What have we done?!.
“- I thought with fear.
When Volosyanko woke up, we both began to think, not seeing anything good in our yesterday’s deed.
Gradually, in the morning, workers began to arrive at the pigsty.
Soon the zoo technician was supposed to appear there.
She came at last.
She came to us, and we were preparing for the worst.
“Today you will be here ?.
I will come.
Keep in mind, “the livestock expert told us quietly and walked away, as if nothing had happened.
We were very pleased that everything worked out well, we were ready to have sex with this fat old woman for at least a year in a row, if only the police didn’t get it.
Who knew that the “piglet pathogen” would so excite us with Grishka Volosyanka? After all, I relied on the fact that I will finally have Galya T.
, but it turned out that I had anyone, but not her.
I imagine if Galya drank my braga, what would happen to her then? Better, I’ll try to fuck with her sex just like that, without any pathogens.
– Hey, Grandma.
She looked up.
Five feet away, a slightly drunk and impudently grinning youngster stood.
In his hand he held a knife.
Dozens of thoughts in one moment flashed through her head.
Alone in the forest.
this one will kill.
what to do.
She wanted to say something traditional – “I listen to you” – yes, the language seemed numb.
The youngster, meanwhile, enjoyed her helplessness.
– Well, let’s play, baby? Vera Georgievna understood everything at once.
With this, the jokes are bad.
And to reproach him with familiarity language did not turn.
So, then, the guy wants to get into her panties.
Let climbs, let.
Just not killed, just not killed.

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But he can.
She read it in his eyes.
– Yes, I’m old for you, son.
My grandchildren are older than you.
Look, you are young, beautiful.
girls probably dry for you ?.

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Yes, they will only be happy.
And I well ?.
Yes, you just look at me.
Faded long ago.
– Shut up, bitch.
All talk is over.
Better not to annoy him.
– Do not be angry, do not be angry.
This is me, foolish.
What should I do, son? – Tell me how you fucked in the ass.
He unzipped his fly and pulled out his penis.
Clearly, prepared to masturbate.
Maybe this will be limited? It is good to.
Vera Georgievna thought a bit, remembering how her husband, in a drunken affair, once, in a year like that in 195.
no, she did not remember.
In short, the memories were not pleasant ones.
– Yes, it was, son.
I remember my husband.
Is he.
– Do not mumble, cunt old! Come on, come on, tell me.
How is he? Huy Petrovich.
bent me in half.
lifted her skirt, or whatever.
panties shot.
Do not shut up, you fuck! – Yes, yes, of course.
don’t worry so sonny.
I’ll tell you everything now.
now darling.
– Start! And without these there.
penis shmenis.
To these words, I did not hear! Vera Georgievna bit her lip for a second.
She never swore at mat.
Nothing, darling, have to.
Even as it is necessary.
What words to pick up? And how to describe what happened in the distant fifties at the station “76 km”? – I remember we were visiting.
My husband colleague dacha received.
They drank a little.
No, not a little.
Shiko drank something, yes.
We stayed late.
I vaguely remember.
It seems like they went on foot to the station with the whole company.
And the road is through the woods.
Dark, cool too.
Nicodemus says something to me: and what, Ver, come on, as in youth? Over that bush.
And I’m drunk, I’m thinking not so good.
and what, come on! We are behind the company, shasti in the bushes.
The youngster closed his eyes.
She saw how he was pulling his rebellious member.
If only it carried, if only it did.
We must try, maybe, and stay intact.
This case she really remembered very vaguely.
And what a fantasy? Well, if you want to live – know how to fantasize.
– Here you go.
Nicodemus pulled his.
your own.
and he was as handsome as your son.
Well, sucked, as it should, and then.
and then he told me to.
In this.
in the ass something.
Oh, and it was sweet! Oh, and sweet !.
– And everything ?! – And I shout, they say, let’s more, Nikodimushka! Ebi me in the ass! And he drives his dick ever deeper! Oh, how sweet !.
– What was on you, old? Stockings there, cowards? Come on with the details! – Stockings, by itself.
Here’s how these.
And cowards.
– White? – White.
– And now what are you on? Vera Georgievna, embarrassed, picked up her dress. 1 bongacams.

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