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Besides, I’m sure that Deirdre is a pleasure just to ram her.
Isn’t that so? ”He said to me.
I did not answer.

I just smiled and lowered my head.
I went to the dining room and started to clear the table.
A few minutes later, Sal joined me in the kitchen.
He looked at me, washing dishes, for a moment.
Then he told me, “You were great this evening.”
He slapped my bare ass once and went into the shower.
When I finished, he returned to the kitchen.
“I’m going to fish with Sam tomorrow.
We want to spend the whole weekend there, so I sleep in his house tonight and on his boat tomorrow night.
I will see you on Sunday afternoon. ”
He paused, smiled, and then added: “Enjoy.”
Then he stepped through the kitchen door.
I watched as he walked along the path, got into the car and drove away.
The only thing I could think about was that he tactfully told me that I could spend the weekend with Benjamin, if I needed to.
For a moment I didn’t know what to do.
I didn’t know Benjamin’s phone number and definitely wanted to take advantage of the situation.
Until now, I was still naked, I decided that I would get dressed, go to his house and invite you to spend the rest of the weekend with me.
But only I made this decision, as Benjamin rang the back door.
When I opened the door to him, he came in, grabbed me and said, “I saw Sal leave with fishing gear, and thought that maybe you would be glad of a small company.”
“He will not return until Sunday,” I replied.
“We have the whole weekend.”
He had a small gym bag in his right hand.
He released her, clasping my left breast, put his left hand on my back, pulling me to him, and kissed me firmly on the lips.
His tongue was looking for my hole.
I groaned and sucked his tongue deeper into his mouth.
I pressed the vagina to his groin.
I could feel that he was already excited.
My passion flared up.

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When we broke the kiss, he picked up his gym bag from the floor.
He looked me over from head to toe and said, “I’m glad you’re still naked; I like to see you naked. ”
“What’s in the bag,” I asked, although I had a hunch.
“I have toys for us to have fun,” he declared with a sly smile on his face.
“I think you will like them.”
He put the bag on the kitchen table, opened it and took out a pair of handcuffs.
He snapped my right wrist.
Then he turned me around and snapped both wrists behind my back.
Although I only had a vague idea of ??what Benjamin was going to do with my naked body, I did not try to stop him.
I knew that no matter what he was going to do with me, I would enjoy it.
In fact, I knew that I would savor it.
Then he pulled out a long chain and locked it around my waist, letting the end hang down to my ankles.
Then he hitched some clips onto my nipples.
They bit quite hard, because they had teeth and small weights.
He hung them on every clamp.
They really bit my nipples and hurt them.
I shivered a little, but did not say a word.
I just let him do whatever he wanted with me.
In addition, I was too overwhelmed with joy to complain.
Then he put a bandage for the eyes and a whip-tail.
Finally, he pulled out a small stun gun.
I read about them and graceful torture, which can be subjected to them.
I trembled.
“The rest of the weekend you will be my naked sex slave,” he said.
“If the punishments are terrible for you, if you want to stop or something else, you should say the phrase“ cotton plantation.
“Is that clear?” “Yes,” I answered him.
“Yes, sir.
You should always contact me sir.
Do you understand, slave? ”“ Yes, sir, ”was all I said.
I could feel my pussy starting to get wet.
“You will always wear a chain around your waist, as a symbol of your sexual slavery.
Do you understand? ”“ Yes, sir. ”
Then Benjamin put the whip in my bound hands, ordering me not to lower it.
Then he took a sports bag with a bandage and a shocker and led me through the foyer to the bedroom.
He put a gym bag on the floor near the wall, and a bandage and a shocker on the edge of the bed.
He took off all his clothes, folding them on the floor next to his bag.
He took the clitoris clip out of the bag and put it and his belt on the edge of the bed near the shocker.
I closed my eyes when a wave of passion ran through my body.
He had not yet slapped my ass, did not begin to torment my body, and I was already on edge.
He took the whip from my hands and ordered me to

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sit on the edge of the bed next to the clip for the clitoris.
Then he ordered me to spread my legs.
I did it without words.
Then he knelt in front of me, opened the lips of my pussy and began to lick and suck my clit.
In a second I flew to heaven. Arab teen webcam sex.

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