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Most immediately began to crap.
Remembering Colin’s stubbornness and unsuccessful attempts to get him to go to the pot, Masha planted one of the trainees in front of the boy – Lena.
The girl had to persuade Kohl and report to nannies about everything that happens in his pot.

So will you sit? – Lena asked the boy, – Everything is already in full swing.
Now earn another enema! – threateningly added Masha.
All red with embarrassment, Kolya closed his eyes so as not to see a high school girl sitting in front of him and, taking a deep breath, loudly put a large pile in the pot.
Poked! – happily told everyone Lena.
Enjoying the relief, the boy did not notice how he began to write.
And now I started to write, – Lena loudly reported to the nannies. Badhotgirl bongacams.

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