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For example, “a terrible scar on your fat ass:” – There, it seems, is not so.
Well, okay, listen to you, young people.
The duet sang: “- You are my clitoris, – I am your lips.

– The gift horse – Do not look in the mouth.
– You – my ass – I – your enema.

– Rolled up the star of communism.
– My ass! – I rarely beat you, – I do not beat you at all, – Because I love you! – My ass! “The second member: – Yes, where have enough, with a political bias.
True, the commies already beat so much that, in my opinion, there is nowhere else.
The first member: – About an enema is unethical somehow.
I propose the option “You are my ass, I am your panties, to hide on the rounded edges” instead of “you are my butt, I am your enema, the star of communism has gone up.”
The third member: – No, with political overtones, not bad, this is a plus for our project.
But an enema is unethical, but a blow to communism in the rhyme of these lines.
The sixth member (again putting on cowards, which she had previously shot to show :): – There is already a song for this melody, with almost the same words.

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Again plagiarism.
And remember who sang that song? Star couple.
True, she broke up.
But think about whose names we touch, taking such plagiarism.
She – a prima donna, mind, honor and conscience, father, son and spirit: The fifth member: – Do not blaspheme.
It’s about father and son and their ilk.
Diva – yes, mind, honor and conscience – well, well, yes.
But so father, son and spirit! No, I do not need such comparisons! Ninth member: – Well, we will not talk about it.
And he? The favorite of women, beautiful, hefty, scandalous.
He powdered us: Yes, I still like to wear pink blouses.
And they act on him like a bull.
The sixth member (again taking off the panties, which just put on): – Why did the air conditioner off?
Blonde models big boobs.

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