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Gradually, I relaxed my hand, squeezing her mouth, and after her consent not to scream, I completely moved this hand to my chest.
So, behind a leisurely monologue, I undid her nightgown and exposed her upper body.
Breasts were hard for the young, and unnaturally large nipples almost immediately petrified in my hands.

I crushed these treasures of nature, fell into my hands and could not enjoy.
It is impossible to say that Julia did not try to resist, but, to put it mildly, she did not actively do it.
In addition, she said that she had a boyfriend, that she was waiting for him from the army, that we could not have anything serious and that.
With the latter, I agreed completely, which did not prevent me from wanting it.
But my caresses, compliments and perseverance more and more relaxed her body.
I did not listen to her arguments, but continued methodically to caress her body, not forgetting to pave the way to the cave of pleasures.
Finally, my finger reached into her vagina and I realized that Julia is not a virgin.
This was the only thing that could stop me at that moment, but since this line was not there, I tried to pull off her pants with redoubled energy, and Julia, in turn, did not allow me to do this out of the last of her strength.
Then I turned her over on her stomach, a couple of times quite noticeably slapped her ass on both sides, and then forced her to stand on all fours, pressed her head into the pillow along the way.
Apparently my partner didn’t expect such a turn of events, because she was quiet, and I took advantage of the moment and easily pulled off her panties.

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Further was a matter of technique, a finger, and then I inserted the second one into the vagina, not forgetting to periodically massage the clitoris.
Then he completely moved back and seized Yulia with cancer, my cock entered her womb, like a knife in butter, like a dagger in the sheath, like a submarine in its native port.
I got a wild thrill from feeling my member in her vagina.
Still, nothing is better than the vagina of the unborn pullet, especially with developed pelvic muscles, nature could not create.
After a while, she began gradually podmahivat me and gradually sensually moan in tact with frictions.
But I, as always, ruined everything.
After 5-6 minutes of such romantic intercourse, I felt the approach of ejaculation.
Continuing the developed plan, I left Yulia.
Standing, I approached her from the side of the head.
With one hand, I resolutely took her by the hair and lifted her face, while the other began to send my cock in her mouth in no uncertain terms.
She didn’t have a special desire to caress my mouth; moreover, she tried to turn her head completely, but after I gave her a slap in the face I took my dick.
I was quite excited, so that the end almost immediately began to pour sperm.
Apparently, Yulia did not have any experience of oral sex, or it was insignificant, or maybe the amount of sperm was too large, and therefore she could not swallow it completely, part of the ejaculate glass on her chin and fell on the pillow, as it is shown on porn.
I didn’t know how Yulia would behave after such sex, but I saw that she was offended in earnest and therefore forcibly took her to the bath, where she washed herself and rinsed her mouth.
She also returned to the room under my guard, and we lay down again.
I continued to calm Julia, tell her all sorts of

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nice things, while not forgetting to cover her body with kisses and caresses.
After about half an hour, she began to thaw, but then again I was really excited.
In general, lying next to such a pullet and not wanting it was, in my youth, almost impossible.
Yulia also felt my condition, so she was not particularly surprised when I began to again beat wedges to her.
This time I laid down from the bottom and gently guided it planted on me. Candylovee livejasmin price.

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