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What is it about me !? – Carried me away in memories.
After all, I did not want to write about our walks.
First of all, I had to explain how it happened that I was returning home alone.

So, we returned to the tents.
Our was empty, apparently, the people had fun in the next.
Seryoga tactfully (as I then thought) withdrew, leaving my wife and I free bridgehead.
Than we were not slow to take advantage.
– We leisurely do prelude.
Everything was very gentle and exciting.
And only – only we started oral affection, as our idyll was invaded, smelling like men’s sweat and sperm, Vikusya.
So, for the first time in my life, I had sex with two women.
Irochka made room, not too surprised by the visit of a friend, and I received a whole range of new sensations from two pairs of hands and two mouths.
It is clear that everything was planned in advance.
That I was just bred like a ram.
But, nevertheless, I want to note that two women who are passionate about the idea of ??delivering maximum pleasure to a man are something! Chaturbate video cam.

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