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She was forced to walk all day with a bottle of Pepsi-Cola tucked into her.
It was terrible.
Poor Sylvia did not find a place for herself all day.

She cried, asked to take a bottle out of her, then she was excited and finished every minute.
That’s just better than you, no one licks down there.
In this you are a

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master, dear.
I didn’t really mind.
I really liked that most of all what to hide.
Korina took out the already familiar cigarettes from the purse and offered it to me.
But I still had to forget, so the cigarettes with dope came in very handy.
I lit a cigarette, put my head on Karina’s hairless wet crotch and turned off.
When I woke up in the next room, music played.
The painful, hysterical sounds of the Negro blues were soothing to the ear, infused with bliss and warmth.
He was sipping something through a straw from a high glass of a stick glass.
“Wake up, buddy.
The fun is already in full swing.
We did not bother you before, but now it’s time for you to wake up and join us.
Take your glass, here. ”
We sat opposite each other, drank cocktails and talked.
“I already told you once that I had a new woman.
I have been processing it all week, and now it is already completely ready for Ali.
As usual, I have succeeded in almost a week.
Another brilliant success.

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If it were possible for official stories to tell about my psychological experiences and discoveries in this area, I probably would have already been a doctor of psychology at the university.
It is a pity, such a workshop is lost for science. ”
Karl giggled, rubbed his hands.
It was noticeable that he liked the situation.
“So I thought that I should once again boast to you my successes.
You are my friend and to whom, if not to you, assess the result I have achieved.
Oh, that’s a whole science.
First you need to act very carefully.
Requirements for a woman should grow gradually.
First – do not wear mischief under the dress, then – shave pubis.
Already then – gradually accustom to slaps.
Moreover, first apologize and seem to be sorry.
Then – no longer.
Then there are witnesses, the audience.
To teach to perform everything with the audience.
Drinking urine is the last.
After that, you can transfer Ali.
He will bring the final gloss, but this is his business, not mine. ”
Karl was getting more and more excited.
His eyes burned with fanatical brilliance.
The cheerful tone of his story is excited, and excited – hysterical.
My blurred consciousness, struggling through the hashish dope, began to wake up slowly.
And suddenly it dawned on me! I was shocked by my sudden discovery – Karl is ill.
He is a maniac.
Smart professional maniac.
It’s just not very noticeable, because a maniac can hide his illness.
God, what am I doing here, with a sick man, from whom I want to receive solace and friendly participation! It always happens, I thought.
When a person has a misfortune in family life, even a close friend turns out to be crazy.
I will forgive her, she will forgive me, it’s just that we both had a breakdown.
We will go somewhere, everything will be forgotten.
I got up and headed for the door.
I opened it.
I wish I never opened it.
Jessica was lying on the carpet with her legs wide apart. Fly to me bongacams.

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