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And Andrew continued to lick my pussy and ass.
We enjoyed each other.
At first I just sucked his dick.

And then she began to lick him and testicles.
I climbed higher and got to Andrei’s ass.

My tip of the tongue spun around and slowly began to penetrate inside.
Andrei groaned and finished on my chest.
When he finished, I inserted my finger into his ass and sank down to lick his head.
Andrei groaned and began to move his ass.
I understood what he wanted and stood up stood behind him.
He stood on all fours, I pressed against him from behind.
With my left hand I kicked his cock and testicles, and with my right I began to enter his ass.
First one finger, then two.
After a few minutes I entered it deeply with two fingers, then I tried to insert all five, but they entered only half.
Andrew moaned.
I almost screamed, and I felt the cramping again.
I tightened my grip on his dick and thrust my fingers deeper.
Andrew finished, lay on his stomach.
I lay beside stroking his back.
I was very good.
Andrew turned pressed against me and kissed me very gently on the lips.

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We lay and kissed almost until dinner.
Then they got dressed, got on a bicycle and went to the lake to go swimming.

This story happened a few years ago.
I have a cousin Masha my same age.
She lives in another city and sometimes comes to visit us with her parents.
At the time when this story occurred, we were 15 years old.
Before that, we last saw each other at 11 years old when my parents and I came to visit them.
When they arrived and I saw my little sister as a shock, during this time she became a real beauty, a girl of medium height in a short skirt, with long legs, golden hair below her shoulders, blue-eyed blue-eyed eyelashes, a small upturned nose and sensual plump lips.
And although of course she still remained a teenager, but her forms were rounded and there was at least a small but very beautiful breast covered with a topic.
– Hello Masha, I miss you so much time you did not see.
– Hello!
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