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Gabriella came closer, holding the syringe behind her back so as not to scare the poor thing.
Although, in the current situation, the girl has already decided to postpone the experiment, until the circumstances of the disappearance of the second chimpanzee and the identification of the culprits are ascertained.
– What are you doing there dear? – Gabriella sang in a deliberately sweet voice.

Here she came close enough to look over the shoulder of a female chimpanzee.
In the hands of the monkey were documents on the study of the progression of the virus itself, which was in the hands of the girl scientist.
The animal tore them to pieces.
– Oh, you little rubbish! – Gabriella cried and, putting aside the syringe, rushed at the monkey, trying to intercept the record.

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It was not so easy to take away something from a stubborn chimpanzee who did not want to part with her find.
And Gabriella was horrified: it was all her observations, almost all the results of the work! In the course of the struggle, the monkey tore up a couple more sheets in half, and Gabriella simply became brutalized.
With an angry roar, she tried to kick the chimpanzee, but it was not there: a large male chimp appeared from nowhere and threw the failed laureate on the floor.
Gabriella screamed when she felt that she was being pounded by a small book.
The male did not cause her severe pain, rather unpleasantly pressed him to the floor and simply caused inconvenience.
The glasses flew off, a neat bunch of hair was disheveled, the skirt was a little off.
Gabriella felt humiliation rather than pain.

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The fight subsided a bit.
But the chimp did not think to let the girl go.
He continued to sit on her, now examining her hair and rummaging around in them.
Gabriella went limp and tried to collect her thoughts in order to come up with a plan to push this healthy carcass, and then get out of here unscathed.
But the easy ringing distracted her right away — the female chimpanzee found a syringe.
– Put! Shouted Gabriella, fearing for the only quality item in her collection.
– Put it down or I’ll let you in on the meat! For her sassy and elevated tone, Gabriella again got a book over her head, and then she fell silent.
“What are these stupid monkeys going to do?” She asked herself.
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