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Having fun, he again earned a pelvis, and I began to move towards his movements, sometimes shoving dick on the cheek.
“Make up yet, I’m still not full of your ass,” while Anton lowered me onto my back.
Putting my legs on his shoulders, drove his stallion.

He was kneeling on top of me, and fucked, clutching to his thighs, then his shoulders.
He rested on his hands and raised himself, he began to wield from above, bending over me.
But this was not enough for him – he again knelt, took me under the knees and began to press my legs to the ground, bending me into three deaths.
I stood on my shoulders, butt sticking up, and my head was between my legs.
Anton stood over me and sent his dick to my ass.
– You would see your ass now.
She is simply abaldennaya – designed to be filled with dicks.
Anton took my hands, with which I wrapped my legs under my knees, and put them on my buttocks so that I would push them apart.
From time to time, he pulled out his dick and filled with saliva an open “cup”, which was now located vertically, and almost did not flow out of it now.
I groaned, from every movement, from every touch, I was just in a fever.
Anton slightly leaned over and began to jerk off my dick, which was practically on my face.
From several movements, I was huddled up in convulsions of ecstasy.
“Open your mouth,” Anton ordered, and directed it to my face.
I obeyed, and hot streams of sperm began to shoot into my throat.
Part of the semen sprayed all over his face, filling his eyes and nostrils.
I only had time to swallow, so as not to suffocate.
– Eat your cum, bitch.

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My sphincter contracted from an orgasm, Anton threw my dick and began intensely infusing my ass, which squeezed him hard.
Shuddering and shouting wildly, Anton began to spew konchalovo into my gut.
When the ripple of his dick ended, he went limp and pulled out of me his dick.
I lowered my ass on the cover, and Anton sat on top of me on my shoulders, so that I sucked and licked his dick.
Then he got off of me and fell exhausted next to me.
– That was a fucking! – through the sighs of bliss, he exhaled.
There was still pleasure and languor in my body.
I wiped my face from the sperm, which I then swallowed, took out a

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cigarette and lit it.
– Well, how? have you tried it yet? – Not.
– Did he swallow his konchalovo? – I swallowed, only I didn’t finish my mouth.
– We will be friends, can you tell.
The story is old already, and I’m not young.
It was in 1978 and lasted a long six years.
The first course of MSU, I am a sixteen-year-old teenager, fragile, short, long, black as pitch hair, matte white skin and gray eyes.
I did not have a girlfriend.
I was hooked to a graduate student – a German, Gustav, who had lived in the USSR for two years.
He spoke fluent Russian, it even seemed to me that he was better than me.
They said that they had settled for two weeks – they would transfer it further, some repairs were started there.
Gustav seemed to me a very kind and decent man.
Twenty-four years, almost two meters tall, serving in the armed forces of the GDR.
I do not know where, but Gustav always had money.
Apparently because of his parents, who held no small posts in the French embassy.
On the first evening, he suggested that I celebrate my entrance to the university.
I must say that I had practically no experience in celebrations.
So, they drank at school half a glass of shampusika.
And here is quite a decent schnapps, the beer is true, ours was.
We got to talking, Gustav was very polite, talked about Kant, laughed, and was clearly not a fool to drink.
Forty minutes later, maybe in an hour, I realized that consciousness slowly but surely leaves me.
The topics of conversation changed quickly and I did not even understand how Gustav turned to my appearance.
Everything was somehow natural.
He said that I looked like a frail girl, laughed and asked why I didn’t play sports. Free live masturbation cams.

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