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Gorgeous seductive breasts, which show except in light porn.
And the buzz to lie next to such a chick, and even after such good races, just indescribable.

And let you be ready again and again to return to her sights, from time to time she gets bored.
I left when she was fast asleep.

Still, sex is very exhausting.
It was evening on the street – the peak of the sunset.
There was a choice in front of me: go to friends, get drunk to unconsciousness and wake up no one knows where or visit another good friend who gave me enough pleasant moments to return to her.
And there, and there, of course, everything could end in sex: friends may refuse to search for new acquaintances, and Nastya may simply not be at home, or she may be busy.
The choice was coming hard.
However, everything was decided by itself.
I go, it means along the houses and I see a classmate.
That same Katya from the party.
She was just returning from the store with huge packages.

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At that moment I did not even pretend anything like that.
Just wanted to say hello and help her cope with the burden.
– Well, hello, beautiful! – I gave a voice when she was about ten meters away from me.
Katka started and turned around.
Seeing me, she smiled: – Oh! Hey.
How are you? – I always liked her responsiveness.
I answered, they say, fine.
She was normal too.
Exchanged cheap phrases.
I offered her help.
She nodded, and gratefully handed her burden.
We climbed to her damned fifth floor – you can guess she didn’t have an elevator.
Along the way, continued to chat about this, about this.
We walked with her side by side, and therefore, no matter how much I wanted to admire her figure, it was impossible.
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