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Not holding onto his weak hands, the chief collapsed on Olga, crushing her with his whole body.
With her arms and legs thrown on his back, and still implanted on the bottom of his penis, she could not move and began to choke.
Stretching out her arms and dropping her legs, she rested on the ottoman and tried to get out from under the body that pressed her, but she could only move to the side and free her breasts to breathe freely.

Cheering up and gathering strength, she pushed off harder and stretched out her pelvis.
With a wet chump, the culprit of this download jumped out of her crowded vagina and flopped down on the bed, slyly glancing at the eye, from which the seminal fluid continued to flow.
As soon as the plug was pulled out, a stream of sperm pumped there poured from her stretched tunnel, creating a pool between her legs.
Climbing up on her arms, Olga leaned forward, looking at the consequences of the barbaric attack.
Inspection of the battlefield brought her into complete bewilderment – her pussy was a ruined volcano mouth, from which liquid flowed in a stream, and the small sexual sponges, of burgundy color, swelled to the thickness of her fingers and, framing the funnel, were not going to take their usual form.
“Well, not a fig for myself, fucked,” the young woman thought, “it’s rather fucked by black and the whole pussy was turned upside down.

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And what else to call what is now between the legs? ”At that moment, the chief turned over on his side, opened his eyes and exhaled with inexpressible intonation of a completely satisfied and admiring man: Here is a class! I haven’t started like this a long time ago, as if I had thrown off for ten years.
Did you like it? Of course, I liked it, you were like a wild stallion.
Nothing could stop you, – answered the wise woman from inside the cortex of the brain.
Instead of reproaches rushing outward: “I couldn’t be more careful, a kobelina is hungry, how will I go home now?” The completely softened chief slid off her legs and, leaning back on the pillows, with a sloth in his voice, dreamily said: Now I will rest a bit and continue with you.
“So, stop, I just didn’t have enough continuation,” a thought flashed through my head to a completely satisfied woman, “I need to go home!” And what time is it now? – cast an indifferent voice out loud.
Chef sluggishly raised his hand to his face.
And then, perhaps, the most interesting thing happened for the whole evening, his eyes widened, he tapped the dial with his finger and suddenly jumped up, as if thrown up by a spring.
Jalyap, the plane has already arrived, and I’m lying here! – He moaned with horror.
Come on, quickly get ready, time is really yoke! – the panicky notes in the voice, combined with the instantly changing behavior of the chef, also whipped Olga.
Dressing took place in a silent rush, and after about five minutes later, a couple jumped out into the street to wait for their company car.

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Before the door, the chef slowed down, turned to her and said: I’m sorry, but today I can’t give you a lift to the house, I have to go to the airport, meet my companion, do a man’s conversation, he apologizes, because of excitement. Free live teen sex chat.

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