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And I was completely at a loss: just a few minutes ago we sat at the same table on equal terms, the men showed different signs of respect for me and my girlfriend (they flirted with her, of course, but within the limits allowed by drunkenness), and then I am asked – which of them is the first to fuck Masha.
Moreover, they do not even doubt that she will refuse them in intimate intimacy, implying that she is just waiting for this, like a lustful whore.
And I was assigned the role of a passive lover – pussydoll, which is dragged from licking the pussy of my beloved after it is filled with sperm by other men.

Yes, pizdoliz is still that, as a bonus, I am not hesitating to offer to suck a member of my bride’s potential lover, as if I am some kind of gay and only dream about it.
But the worst thing is that I was not angry with them: I was curious, and my dick began to swell treacherously.
On the other hand, my masculine principle protested, and I did not know what to bow down to — riot or submission.
But then, seeing my confusion, Mikhalych came to my aid, who, putting his arm around me, said in a confidential tone of his own way: “Why are you sulking, Max?” Your enemies are not here, your friends are here, and people are adults, they have seen many things in life.
It may seem outlandish to you your preferences, and we have already passed all this.
It’s just that someone likes to dominate girls, lower them, and who likes to obey them, be gentle, caress them.
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