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Having taken a glass from his hand, his wife clinked with the guys and began to drink in small sips.
Phew, cold – she snorted with pleasure, taking bigger throats.
Having almost finished her glass, she rubbed her hands – well, let’s continue – with a challenge she looked at the guys.

Continue – they answered in chorus.
But look – with a sense of superiority, Natalya said, there will be no indulgence, I lost because I lost.
The men nodded in agreement.
Wife in anticipation of complete triumph, happily grabbed the cards.
but to her greatest surprise, she lost.
Damn, how is it – my spouse muttered in perplexity.
The fact that the guys did not always throw cards in the suit or figure, and yet still that they were playing against her, she apparently did not notice.
It seems our master gave a miss – said Andrew.
My wife nodded in agreement.
And what thing will our lady take off – Sergey asked languidly.
Natasha blushed, she did not want to shoot absolutely nothing.
She continued to sit, casting quick glances from one man to another.
Natasha, well, so, Andrei, who was sitting next to her, stood up and stood behind her back, running the back of his hand over her shoulder – what did you decide – his fingers lightly ran over the bra strap, as if hinting that it could be removed.

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wife continued to sit with her hands between her knees, the feverish work of half-drunk thoughts reflected on her face.
Natasha, do not torment – Andrew began to stroke her second shoulder.
Wife nervously licked her lips.
Andrew, stroking her shoulders, gradually moved her palms slightly lower, his fingers walking along the bra strap went lower and lower, and with just two fingers, he began to drive along the hollow between her breasts and the bulging part of her milky, white, unburned skin, repeating the curves of her bra.

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Natasha, well, make up your mind – Andrei’s voice was ingratiating, he was practically touching his lips to my wife, his second hand slipped from her shoulder, now stroking her tummy.
The squeezing of the man became more and more insistent, apparently it played a decisive role, and my wife, who did not completely lose control over herself, decided to get out of this situation – let there be a skirt – she said.
Excellent – Andrew said, nevertheless, without ceasing to gently stroke her Sisi.
(Get yourself a Russian virtual lover-davalku! – good advice) My wife stood up.
Andrei continued to stand behind her slightly supporting her back.
Trying not to look at anyone, Natasha slowly undid the clasp on her skirt.
Wow there will be a striptease now – Sergey whistled cheerfully, settling himself more comfortable with the camera.
Now just turn off the camera – Natasha said.
Well, Natasha, what are you embarrassed – Sergey pretended to say – all are here.
No, I won’t, my spouse said obstinately.
Natashenka, don’t be stubborn – Andrei hugged her from behind – let’s do it together – his hand lay on top of her and began to pull the lightning down.
Well, turn off – the wife realizing that the skirt is about to begin to slip, made the last attempt to prevent this.
No, no, no, Sergei said, continuing to hold the camera and taking off as the skirt pulled down by hand, Andrey begins to slide down.
A triangle of panties opened, the material was lacy and translucent, so that the darkening neatly shaved hair on my wife’s pubis was visible.
Natasha instinctively folded her hands in a boat, covering the lower abdomen.
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) When all her butt was open, Andrew turned my wife to face him.
What a lovely priest, Dima said, when Natasha turned her back on us appeared before our eyes.
Supporting her with one hand under the tummy, Andrew allowed the skirt to slide down freely and with the other hand lightly stroked my wife around the rounded buttocks. Full sex online video.

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