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She did not get tired of kissing his courage, then mine, until the late dawn came.
Then we met a few more times, but for whatever reason, these four of our feasts happened less and less.
Perhaps the real reason was concern for the strength of the family, which sometimes visited our minds, although outwardly everything looked the other way firmly and safely as ever.

After all, it seemed that the highest, spiritual and pure loyalty, tested for durability by physical, carnal temptation, becomes even stronger and cleaner.
And that was the case, but still, all the same.
Then our meetings were limited to joint campaigns to the concert or to the theater, and after the birth of children, first with Galya, and then with them, the routine took its toll, and only distant memories of this light, light as fluff dandelion in the wind remained, love
But sometimes, I all hear the sounds of the piano, Tchaikovsky’s autumn and see her thin white hands on the keys.
“Damn it!” – Irina thought a little detachedly: “But I am as flowing as Niagara Falls:” Her partner also noticed this, hardly rubbing her fingers on the threshold of her groin.

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“Well, you little one,” he whispered soothingly, giving out her left breast with light, gentle movements.
The poor woman, meanwhile, though forcedly, but very diligently made her sister cunnilingus, with a sinking heart waiting for further action from either the rapist or the now desired sexual partner.
Which, in fact, did not take long to wait: the fingers of his right hand, having scooped up a natural female lubricant, slid upwards from the bottom to the tightly compressed anus ring and easily overcame his resistance from the very first attempt — the hooliganist creased a thin partition between the rectum and vagina.
Then one, then two, then three fingers of his hand persistently scurried in her ass, gently but stubbornly stretching the achingly sweet in anticipation of something more voluminous anus.

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She herself didn’t notice how the head of his weapon, which had lurked for a while, dived into her butt to replace her fingers, and after two or three frictions had already creaked the hair of his pubis about her gorgeous buttocks – her partner’s penis, somehow tired of waiting gorgeous ass women for the entire length.
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