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After these words, his penis literally rested against my anus and with one push.
I groaned and bent back, he squeezed my buttocks and began to fuck me.

the room was filled with our moans with my wife, soon they changed us, to be more exact, I lay down on the bed, and Lena stood up against the wall and everything continued.
These two males fucked us in turn for about an hour, probably it was all over the fact that.
My wife and I were lying on the bed next to each other and sucked two cocks almost at the same time they finished.
And she passionately kissed me in a hickey, the sperm of these guys merged almost into one.
After that, the guys got dressed, the four of us went to the balcony, we smoked them and we fell asleep like that.
Little time has passed.
We still continued to work closely with Pasha.
My wardrobe was slowly

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updated with new things.
Extremely short skirts, dresses (do not raise your hands), stockings of different density, color and patterns.
Pasha asked me almost every day to put lacy underwear into my vagina.
He had just some kind of mania for this thing.
I obediently carried out his requests, deriving pleasure from this, which I could not explain.

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In addition to physical pleasure, I felt the moral excitement of fulfilling Pashka’s wishes.
Strong excitement drowned out shyness.
I got more and more pleasure from our prikolchiki.
I understood with my mind that all this was not quite normal, but when I came home with wet feet and a swollen vagina, I masturbated like a madman, flooding a sofa that didn’t have time to dry out of my orgasms.
Of course, Pasha was far away, and I occasionally met with men.
Fortunately, with my appearance is not a problem.
But nevertheless I received true pleasure from Pasha.
His youth and such a perverted fantasy excited me incredibly! Each time a fine line of morality and public opinion was increasingly erased.
And so, one day, Pasha called me in the morning.
I was going to work.
He, as usual, checked what I would wear.
At his request, I chose the most, the most lacy underwear.
These were transparent pink panties (shorts) and a fully transparent pink bra.
I also wore nude flesh-colored stockings with a lace pattern on the outer side, and to them a pink lace belt with elastic bands.
For a long time I broke when choosing a skirt, but I had to give in to Pasha and put on the one he chose – it was a pink mini from leatherette.
From above, the skirt was pink to leatherette, and from the bottom a pink lace transparent petticoat of greater length than the skirt itself.
Wriggling in front of the mirror, I grimaced.
From the front, through the transparent bottom of the skirt, if you look closely, you could see the top of the stockings of the belts stuck in the rubber bands, and from the back, on the bottom, and so the short hem was raised and the view opened. Granny hidden cam orgasm.

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