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Has calmed down, quietly whining, waiting for the hands to be less obey and not to try to bend back.

I tried again to grab the suction cup and pull it off.

With the smacking and the flow of mucus from the depths of the vagina, the sucker jumped off.
Nat tried to tighten her legs, but realized that because of the corset she almost could not bend normally.
With difficulty getting up on all fours, she crawled a couple of steps back to the frame and holding her rose to her feet.
Above the ceiling, something clicked and the chamber was poured with a jet of icy water under pressure.
Natu spilled from all sides, and the top and bottom.
Opened again hatches threw an ice fountain a meter up, lashing streams through the body, as if deliberately aiming between the legs, penetrating the lips between the swollen balls inside the vagina, piercing the anus with a thin stream and weak attempts to bring the legs together without falling.
The icy shower ended as suddenly as it began.
Nata was covered with goose bumps on the beaten, izkrashenoe burgundy bruises, hickey body.
The soaked veil with rewound hair hung down miserably with scraps of snow-white fabric.

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In the corner of the room on the floor, she found a

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tattered and dirty white dress, her once white shoes with heels, little watch with a torn strap and a worn out bridal bouquet.
Moving with difficulty, she approached a pile of rags and perched on them, picked up a bouquet.
He was dented, chewed and smelled of female secretions.
Something vaguely reminded her that apparently yesterday he had been in pain between her nails, anger and powerlessness, when she had finished.
After taking a few deep breaths, she repeated the operation.
Then she went to the decoration of the second nipple and stood in front of the door.
– Yeah, well, yes, realized.
Dull cow.
Take a dildo from the shelf.
Come on, work, I will not help you forever! “The voice was gone again, and Natella leaned her breasts with the hellish ornament to the openings in the door.”
The keys entered the slots, clicked, the light went on.
Nata stretched her arms up and pulled the arms.
Time! Her breasts squeezed as if in a vice, a click, the spokes locked in and sank deep into the door.
Her nipples stretched inward, as if the door wanted to flatten and tear off her long-suffering breasts.
And then.
Then the door became transparent, like glass, and Nata saw her nipples, brutally stretched forward behind the spokes, so that the holes from the spokes became ovals and through them, if you like, you could easily push another 2-3 pencils.
Above and below the breasts, two syringes were visible and the more she pulled on the arms, the closer they approached.
– Come on, retreat late, if you let go of the handles – say goodbye to the exit and tits. Hidden camera at home sex.

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