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Ahhh! – Sally threw back her head and moaned with pleasure.
John at first just watched what was happening, but then he was lying on the couch, put his right hand in his pants and began massaging his penis.
He watched Sally groan with pleasure and caress her breasts.

He took off his swimming trunks and, without stopping to watch her, began to masturbate, his right palm, clasping his penis, moved, giving him pleasure up and down.
Sally leaned forward slightly to the edge of the chair, holding the seat while leaning against the back with her shoulders.
Her long hair hung down along the back of the chair, and her knees were spread even wider.
From screams of pleasure, she gathered more air into her chest, and therefore she then rose, gaining more air in her lungs, and then went down when the cry escaped from her mouth.

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John continued to masturbate, looking at Sally, then he walked over to her and, standing with his feet on the sides of the chair, squeezed his penis between her breasts and began to drive them between them.
At the same time, letting go of the seat, she began to stroke his thighs and squeeze his buttocks, while continuing to moan.
He squeezed her breasts stronger, and thereby increasing the pressure on his penis, which moved more and more vigorously.
After John leaned over to Sally and kissed him passionately, so that their tongues intertwined like a sea knot.
He lifted her and, turning his back to the table, laid it on him, spreading her legs wide.
The phallus remained motionless outside, but what was happening inside, what made her scream with pleasure and even shake a little.

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John sent his head Sally in the ass with his hand and slowly inserted it in there not completely.
He began to move slowly at first, then faster and deeper.
Holding her hips wide apart, he watched her wriggling on the table and screaming even more, since she was already satisfied in the two most erogenous zones.
Holding her waist, he increased the pace and her breasts began to shake even more.
Waves of pleasure poured over both their bodies, when one of the waves became a harbinger of an orgasm, John pulled the phallus out of her vagina, and from her ass his dick and, onaniruya, finished it on a slender tummy.
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