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Grabbing the firing pin with her thin fingers, she pulled the hammer back, and when he almost slipped, she pushed it inside again, only now it is more energetic.
The wooden head went round.
Buratina spread her legs wide, smartly thrusting a plump handle and saying: – What a good finger, probably even more than Papa Carlo.

At this time I heard: – Krri-kri, kr-kri, krri-kri.
Buratina shook her head, looking around the closet.

The hammer, tucked all the way into the wet hole, was slightly trembling.
– Hey, who is here? “Here I am,” he said.
Buratina saw a creature a little like a cockroach, but with a head like that of a grasshopper.
It sat on the wall above the hearth and crackled softly, “kri-kri,” looked out of glass, with iridescent eyes, moving its antennae.
– Hey, who are you? “I am the Talking Cricket,” the creature replied, “I have been living in this room for more than a hundred years.”
– Here I am the mistress, get out of here.
“Well, I’ll leave, although I’m sad to leave the room where I lived for a hundred years,” said Speaking Cricket, “but before I leave.”
One long jump, he overcame the distance separating them, and, landing on a small cliff, he deftly began to paw.

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“But before I leave,” continued Cricket, “listen to useful advice.”
– Ochchchchen I need tips Staaarogo cricket.
From these small mischievous paws, her breathing finally got off, and waves of a strange sensation, unfamiliar to her, ran all over her wooden body.
The girl felt even more brightly the grip that was bursting at her from the inside and, obeying the impulse, again took up the hammer and began to move it slowly.
“Ah, Buratina, Buratina,” said Cricket, smiling slyly and continuing to tickle the excited hillock, “give up the pampering, listen to Carlo, do not run away from home and start going to school tomorrow.
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