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Everyone will get what they want.
Masha will remain my mistress, you will legitimize cohabitation with her, and our child with her will receive a caring father who will not restrict her mother from having fun on the side.
If you really love Masha, if you want to continue a relationship with her, then this is a very good offer.

I analyzed the specifics of your relationship, and came to the conclusion that sooner or later Masha would still have become pregnant, and certainly not from you.
Most likely, this would be the end of everything between you, but I managed to convince Masha that marriage with you is beneficial both to you and to her.
Therefore, thanks to me, fate gives you a chance.
Fate has already given you Masha, and I give you the opportunity to keep her, to be near her.
This is not a request, this is a sentence.
And as in any proposal there are conditions.
Well, insolent and this Karen! Puffed up my girlfriend, treats her like a whore, and offers me to become her.
I do not even know who.
The maid or something.
Or a nurse, so that while I was caring for his child, he could have fun with Masha, with my wife.
With a wife ?.
I did not seem to agree.
But why did I mentally accept this as a given, why did I think of her as my wife?
And why did my dick betray my excitement? Maybe because of the humiliating situation in which they put me? Or maybe due to the fact that I will see a tummy grow in my wife’s eyes, and at the same time know that this child is not from me? Maybe because I imagined how my wife will admire her lover, and the child will be a constant confirmation of her adultery? Hot nude webcam girls.

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