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The first was just a trickle, and already the next ones were powerful bursts, like those that come from my head of a penis when I finish.
In these seven or eight bursts, my mouth almost filled up completely.
I pulled back so as not to spill a drop of what I received and immediately received the last, but strong trickle of her juice in the face.

It was a strong and full-fledged squirt.
This I saw for the first time.
I slowly swallowed everything that fell into my mouth.
Natasha continued to sausage, she was curved in an arc, turned into a ball and again into an arc.
Soon she fell silent.
I leaned over her face.
– Are you alive? – It seems yes: I: what was it ?.
What did you do? I: – she was inconsistently trying to ask me.
– Did you feel good? Natashkin? – Very: What to do for you? After such a caress you are my master: – Nothing but breakfast.
– Now, get my breath: – she closed her eyes.
Ten minutes later, she was already rushing in the kitchen.
My breakfast was chic.
Here and croutons, and fried bacon, and hot cheese.
When I ran away to work, she only asked: – Do not delay, I will wait for you.
All the week and a half that I was on a business trip, Natasha and I tumbled in the morning and evening, trying something new and remembering something old.
On the day of my departure, Natasha worked, just at the same time.
We warmly said goodbye to her.
I told her not to miss, I still have to fly to them in the city more than once.
She replied that she would try.
Over the next ten months, I flew to them in the city four more times.
And every time everything was repeated.
My wife didn’t notice my changes, or she pretended not to notice.

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At least, I tried to have a good fuck on my return home, but my eggs were usually either empty or spit out.
On my last arrival in Nsk, Natashka was restless and happy.
The first night she told me the reason – she fell in love! Not to me, thank God, and maybe not glory: She showed me pictures of her fiance, he somehow reminded me externally.
At that moment he was on a business trip in Europe, and on arrival he was going to make her an offer.
I was just glad for her.
Six months later, she called me, invited me to the wedding.
But I, for reasons of not opening the wound to one of us, politely refused.
She was on refresher courses for almost a month, and I was on a regular two-week trip.
And so it was a coincidence that we had adjacent rooms with her.
Then we came off again.
Despite the fact that she already had two children and she was madly in love with her husband.
Who knows, maybe this meeting was not the last?
Vlada was an ordinary girl, she was constant in her childhood, she was chasing a ball with the yard boys, and not once she played soccer for a guy, defending the honor of her school.
Who did not know the girl, they took her for a boy.
Briefly cut hair, men’s facial features, casual wear, this is a sports suit and bellow.
But everything changed when the girl moved to the 10th grade.
Girls from the class of Vlada walked with the boys and some of them had sex life, but the girl did not envy them, she was interested in studying and football.
A slim tall girl with a beautiful figure and a magnificent bust came to work as a gym teacher.
Maria Alexandrovna was her name when she came to a physical education class, the guys did not take their eyes off her, and the girls looked at their teacher with envy, Vlad was no exception.
Tight jumpsuit with a large neckline in the chest.
From this gym class, one of the students did not miss, and it gave its results, the girls imitated their teacher in everything, and the boys had sexual interest, they wanted to take possession of her body.
But Maria Alexandrovna didn’t pay attention to the boys, she perfectly understood this age.
Once in one lesson, one boy could not resist and came to the lesson with a bouquet of roses, he secretly carried the bouquet to the gym and when everyone was built for a roll call, Kostya went up to the teacher:

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– Maria Alexandrovna, I don’t care that you are now say, but I love you! Imo camera turk sex.

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