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Wait a minute, honey, I am now, and Vadim directed his dick towards the toilet.
No, let’s better in the bathroom, you see, in the morning I shot past, as often happens when he is tense.
Masha fascinated watched the actions of Vadim, continuing to quietly stroke his hips and ass.

It was evident that she herself could not wait to pee.
Vadim understood this.
So come on, take off your clothes, write down together.
Can i? Well, of course, you are my silly! And he helped her pull the jeans off.
The second time this morning, he heard the incomparable sound of lowered jeans, and this time he personally saw

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all the details of what was happening – and her little white panties, and hairs sticking out from under them.
Masha stepped over them and remained only in a T-shirt.
Magic spectacle, thought Vadim.
He discovered Masha’s rather lush vegetation, and was only delighted at her naturalness.
Fingering her hair in his hands, he felt her wet vagina and caressed her a little with his finger.
Masha gasped.
They climbed into the bathroom, and Vadim hugged Masha, without ceasing to rub his members about her pubis and, turning her backwards, twisted between her hips as well.
Now, now run, look – Vadim again unfolded the girl and dropped her on his knees.
Relaxed, finally ran out of Vadim.

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The jet beat from one end of the bath to the other, and Masha could not resist and put her hands under the stream, and a million drops spattered in all directions.
Oh, Masha laughed and, setting herself up completely under the stream, plunged into this unusual warm water.
Vadim was in seventh heaven – his dream, quite a vague one this morning, has now come true! The girl under him frolicked full, and now she was all wet, and her bra shone through, giving out her dark nipples.
Damn, and we forgot to take off the top – they both laughed, and nothing, I’ll give you my T-shirt, forget it! – said Vadim.
Do you want to taste my water? Come quickly, yet there is something to try! And Masha decided – quickly put her head under the trickle that had already become quite weak by this time, opened her mouth and swallowed some Vadim’s urine.
Oh, how cool, she does not smell, let’s more! Vadim would be glad, but everything he drank was poured to the bone.
He shook the frozen droplets on the girl, and she licked his dick, saying how sorry it was, that was a spectacle, like a real fountain! Vadim’s member was shaking, splashed Masha was sitting in the bathroom with a member in her mouth and still did not want to let go of this treasure.
Come on now you – only could argue a man.
Come on.
Masha both sat and began to pour out, not allowing Vadim to see the process itself.
No, so not fair, I also want to see! With these words, he lifted the girl up and felt her warm trickle on his foot.
Come on, like this, on me.
Masha was not ashamed at all, she looked at the change, then at herself, at her trickle, now at Vadim, how he eagerly hears this banned for many, but not for them, picture of intercourse in such a natural process.
Masha’s jet did not weaken for perhaps a full minute, and now Vadim, kneeling before her, greedily caught her with his mouth. Indian couple hidden cam sex.

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