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I seemed to myself to be an inexhaustible source, with loud moans throwing more and more volleys deep into the quivering body.
Finally, when it was all over, I tiredly sank down beside Stella, who had quieted down and fell into a light slumber.
I felt like she opened my hands and released her frustrated ass, but I didn’t care.

But for a long time I did not succeed in lying.
The bathroom door slammed, and Larisa returned to the room.

Even now, she moved slowly and carefully, grimacing at the pain, and her thighs and buttocks were wrapped in a wet towel with fresh traces of blood.
It has long been so cruel not flogged her, I thought, with which I was quick to congratulate my charming wife.
Larisa did not respond to my words.
I remember her strange look, which she threw at Stella, who hastened to use the vacant bathroom.
What he meant, I happened to find out a little later.
July 2002 Continuation is likely to follow.

We always went to the saunas by taxi, I understand why, so that everyone can relax, as it should.

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We agreed that Max and Seryoga will pick us up and go somewhere from us.
They went in as agreed at 10.
When Max entered, he saw a mother in a black skirt, a little above her knees and a white blouse, from under which mother’s sixth size breasts perfectly appeared in a black beautiful lace bra.
And also in black stockings, beautifully made up, and, with beautifully laid.
under his square hair, he almost fell down, swallowed his tongue exactly, and stood there for a few seconds with his mouth open, then began to confess his love.
And I gathered my mother to lead to an expensive restaurant, barely persuaded to the club.
What we in the restaurant will do together, and in the club is the place.
And outfit to the place and the company.
About the sauna did not even remember.
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