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Wife at home? -Houses.
– What is he doing? – Sleep.
more precisely, slept.

-We are this.
in general, we want to fuck with her.
-Both? -Well yes.
– At once or one by one? – Right away! She is so cool in your ass fuck! – Come on.
Men crossed the threshold.
– Do you know the prices? – polices in an hour.
Yes, it is if one.
For two – double rate.
three things? -Yes.
– Well, in general, here’s a hundred bucks for you.
Normal? – Come on.
Only first – in the bathroom.
Preziki there? -Not.
– Hold on.
I handed them condoms, took them to the bathroom, and went to the bedroom.
-Who is there Tolik? – my wife asked sleepily.
-To you.
-Oh my God.
In the middle of the night.
How many of them? -Two.
For an hour.
I have money.
They want to immediately together.
One hundred bucks paid.
– sober? – Not really.
Not too much.
So, slightly daty.
– Give there from the closet.
I got out of the closet “whore’s outfit”.
openwork dark stockings with garters, black satin panty-stringers.
Wife hastily pulled it over.
I straightened the sheet, threw the “official” cape on top.
And he went out into the corridor, where naked men smelling of soap and shower were already standing.
– Come on.
Those resolutely opened the doors of our matrimonial bedroom.
The wife was lying in a frivolous pose on the bed.
-Oh, oh, and here is our pretty kitty! Meow! Pussy, we want you! Spouse playfully laughed and leaned toward them.
-Do you miss, seals? The men jumped into bed.
I closed the door and went into the kitchen.
Troublesome is the wife of a prostitute!
Recently, he increasingly preferred to use his beloved hand instead

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of his penis to satisfy the insatiable cave of his beloved.
first she took in only two fingers, then three.
and now the whole brush of the beloved slips inside her bosom, turns inside and comes out.

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then dives again, and so on to infinity, incredibly stretching the entrance and causing it to convulse.
and she desperately took in all his palm, receiving from this barbaric affection unearthly pleasure! after several months of such training, her sexual organ has changed: the vagina has become spacious, and the entrance is elastic, supple and hospitable.
the slit darkened.
the already plump outer lips become even larger, as if massive.
now they never close completely around the cave of love – it has always remained open from the bottom, ready to take a man into her bosom.
her ass did not lag behind pussy.
now he drilled her rear entrance with his big dick every day.
at the moment when he penetrated her anus, she felt a great shame for her fall.
but instead of indignation, this stity caused waves of vicious lust in it.
“whore,” she repeated to herself, “here is a whore.
“and once gave her virgin ass to be torn apart by his loving cock.
she collapsed in her own sensuality, shamelessly spreading her legs and showing him the ruined vulva that had just surrendered to the onslaught of his hand.
her sweet sensual mouth also got into the sweet.
she sucked selflessly, with pleasure.
at first, carefully licked the head and barrel, erasing the slightest traces of the gun in her ass.
then she began to take it deeply, right up to her throat, and then he felt the head of her throat and enjoyed unearthly sensations.
sometimes he wanted differently.
then he firmly took her head in his hands and entered her mouth – slowly at first, then faster.
and now he fucks her in the throat to the fullest, holding her hair tightly! she adored moments of such unbridled, treacherous, animal passion.
over time, she learned to show him his charms when he wanted to.
sometimes he asked her to show herself.
this could happen at the most unexpected moments, so she stopped wearing panties at home.
she “showed” herself like that – she was arching her back, strongly putting her ass back, lifting her skirt up to the waist, baring her hips and ass.
then gracefully put palms on her buttocks and spread them to the sides and upwards.
then the tale began! The insured, gritty cunt immediately obediently opened.
then a few seconds passed, and.
Oh my God!!! obeying some inner command, the asterisk of the anus was revealed, turning into a tempting well of sinful passion attracting attractive bottomless darkness! at such moments, he literally melted away, associating her intimate charms and assessing the degree of her depravity – now it would be enough for a sophisticated man to cast only a passing glance at her crotch to understand that you don’t have to stand on ceremony with this woman, that in front of him is a sophisticated slut who is ready almost everything. Jasmin sex web cam.

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