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The word “diaper” Kohl returned to reality.
“At first, children’s tights, then sliders,” the boy thought with resentment, “And now in general are chicks.
What is it! ”In addition, instead of a convenient diaper, there was ordinary gauze.

Imagining that he could not move his arms or legs, Kolya could not stand it and roared loudly.
I don’t want y! – the boy screamed, – Don’t! Well, what are you naughty? – attentively looked at Kolya Alena after an unsuccessful attempt to wrap his legs with his first diaper.
Do not diapers! – Kolya roared, jerking his legs, – I’m not small! Can you help me? – Alena addressed to Ira, who was standing at the next table.
Ira went up to Kolya’s table and, catching the boy’s bare legs that flashed in the air, pressed them down. Jasmin web cam sex.

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