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Vika appeared as unexpectedly as when I was washing.
Now dressed in a very short light-colored robe, she looked extremely seductive.
Tanned slender legs again began to wake up the fantasy.

My eyes literally felt her.
I even noted that she was a little made up.
Vika tried to squeeze out of the TV at least something, bending over him, while the floors of her robe parted, and I saw her slender legs to the most translucent thin white panties.
It seemed that her cousin specially turned me on, taking spectacular

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arousing poses.
After some time, with a wave of her hand, she sat down in a chair, stretching her leg by the leg, while the floors of the robe again dispersed on her hips.
My excitement, as it seemed to me, was noticed by Vika.
– Seryozh, why are you looking at me like that? Do you like it? she asked playfully.
I did not know where to go from embarrassment.
She knew how to embarrass me with her questions.
And most importantly, how to answer her? “Your dressing gown is beautiful,” I began to wriggle out, gradually getting used to my own audacity, “and he is short, he draws the figure well.”
“This is a peignoir called, not a bathrobe,” she said, and again confusing me, asked coquettishly.

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– I have another black fitting, it is even shorter, do you want to change? True, he is a bit peculiar.
I nodded, and Vika flew off to her, leaving behind a barely perceptible perfume.
She changed clothes for a long time, so that my imagination cleared, so that when Vika came out in a sabot with high heels, and a thin, skinny top and slightly divergent lace below the black peignoir, I was not even surprised that he was dressed in naked body
Thin knobs of dark nipples and navel hollow were seen in the thin lace.
And just below, where I was embarrassed to look for a long time, my thighs and light triangle of shaved pubes and a hint of panties were a little translucent.
– Well, how? – wagging her ass and circling in place, asked Vika.
– Erotic? – Very much, – I confirmed.
– I like! “And how more erotic, in a peignoir or in underwear,” she asked, quite seriously, standing in front of me, straightening her hair impishly.
“So I only saw you in a bathing suit, how could I know?” I didn’t understand where she was headed.
– Yes, you even without a swimsuit even saw, forgot something.
There will be details for you.
– I thought.
For some reason, sex with an Olzhas mother left only pleasant impressions, although at first I felt guilty about the fact that I was sort of cheating on my mother.
Now, the feeling of guilt has disappeared somewhere, but my mother remembered a joke that if I did not satisfy her she would go to Olzhas.
Or was it not a joke? Suddenly, I myself was interested to see them together.
It will be necessary to cautiously ask her how she relates to such things. Latest indian hidden cam sex.

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