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I was just numb from this picture.
“No need to take a picture !!” flashed through my head. “High Andrey moved, plunging, the penis deeper into my girlfriend’s mouth, and that, just playing along with him, moved her head.
The next thought that came to me was “I will not do this!”.

I have had sex before, even a few of his views, but in this case, with friends, but not so close to me, such a thought did not smile at me! There was a piercing moan on the floor, it was clear that the second Andrei entered Alinka.
Spreading her legs wide, she rocked, playing with two large phalluses.
Then I felt that now my panties were crawling down, clinging to the straps.
I tried to prevent it, but somehow.
somehow failed.
Egor pulled away from me.
Between our lips stretched a thin shiny thread of saliva.
Yegor’s strong hands playfully turned me over on my stomach.
I looked at him in fright.
His eyes were tightly chained to my buttocks.
Yes, he already said that most of all in women, his butt excites him.
A strong hand dived under my stomach, and raising it easily, put me on all fours.
Egor’s other hand, heavy granite boulder, fell on my shoulder blade, forcing me to press my cheek against the bed.
My ass rose higher from this, and Egor, breathing heavily, rustled, do not understand where the condom came from.
I, at that time, completely dumbfounded, watched Alinka and the two Andrew change their posture.
I could have watched for a long time, when suddenly I felt a movement behind.
Something hot, rubber aggressive.
pushed through the vagina.
I gasped for breath.
Here it is.
He penetrated inside, and closely rested into something.
There inside.
Yegor was huge.
I felt like a close-fitting suit.
Had his penis been a little more, he would certainly have to break me something, or simply would not have entered.
I felt his frequent pulse inside me.

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Two cold hands lay on my hips.
I exhaled loudly.
Egor began to sway gently, then pulling me away, then sipping me towards him.
The giant moved inside of me, and I, grasping the pillow lying beside me, clutched at it with my teeth.
Egor began to rapidly increase the pace.
I didn’t immediately realize that I was mumbling into a pillow, but then I was drowned out by the piercing squeal of a girlfriend, whom Andrei was executed by sitting on two cokes at the same time.
“SO I DON’T WANT,” I thought, shuddering at the powerful thrusts from behind.
One of Yegor’s mighty hands arose to the right of my head, the second ducked under the chest and squeezed it tightly.
I wanted to cry out, but Egor, leaning on me, caught his lips and juicyly stared at them with a long French kiss, while he continued to hammer.
Soon from the chiselling in the pussy, the hateful sounds that I hated began, but this time for some reason they excited me wildly.
Basically, lying under a hundred kilograms, a muscle eagerly fucking me, I felt like a completely happy girl.
I even thought that it would not be so bad to have sex.
Under the weight of Egor, my knees parted, my ass dropped, and the posture of cancer turned into an ordinary vertical rookery.
Yegor did not like this, and he, lifting me under his knees, lifted me up into the air.
I, fearing to jump off my penis and fall, threw my arms around Yegor, holding tight to the iron waist.
The straps on my body tightened, squeezing me tightly in all places at the same time.
They, as it were, made it clear: here you are playing the role of a victim.
And I already understood! Looking down, I saw that, in fact, only half of his member fit in me, but now, when I almost wore all the weight on him, I realized that I would not turn away from total immersion, especially in this pose, the passage inside, as if freed.
Egor began to throw me up, doing some squats, or, as a result, I slid up and down on his penis, each time dropping lower and lower.
Oh yeah.
I felt how he had penetrated into hard-to-reach places, and having reached the limit of my possibilities, I rested against the wall of the uterus.
I did not understand whether it was very painful, or very pleasant, but I made such a sound that now I can’t repeat with all my desire.
A certain victorious AH, with an admixture of fear and bliss.
It seemed that was it! Two pieces of one puzzle merged into one! Yes so firmly that they can hardly ever part.
The bogatyr continued to pull me down, in the meantime, as Andrei from both sides handled Alya standing on all fours.
Then suddenly one of them (High) rose, and taking out his organ from the mouth of my friend, he approached me.
His hands tightly

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squeezed my chest, squeezing a plaintive moan out of me. Lesbian cam show.

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