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I can’t stop myself.
I’m starting to move my hand.
Here and there, here and there.

Everything squelches.
How good to me! Mom is calling! Quickly jump up and put on clean panties.

They immediately get wet.
I look in the mirror – my cheeks are burning.
I’m all red.
I wash my face.
I go out and immediately go to my room.
Like a guilty girl, really.
Time to walk with my son.
On the street, the excitement subsides.
I have a light, long skirt and the same blouse.
I calm down a little.
Walking down the street, pushing the stroller in front of me and starting to reason intelligently.
I heard that after giving birth, sexuality can change for the worse and for the better.
I knew for sure that these changes occurred to me.
Only good or bad, I have not yet understood.
One thing I can say for sure is that this has never happened to me before birth.
The thing is, I’m easily excited with my husband.
I like sex.
I am pleased to.
I have never in my life felt an orgasm.
For my husband, I imitated him.
Yes, I saw it once in a movie and did the same.

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Probably considered herself guilty and did not want to upset her husband.
But I was really pleased by the closeness with my husband, even without an orgasm.
And now something wild has awakened in me.
Something uncontrollable.
And before the return of her husband two more months.
I suddenly realize that I want a member! I want to be filled! I want my uterus to tremble under the pressure of a long phallus.
I’m going crazy.
I love my husband.
All of these sexual changes hit me like an avalanche.
I was not ready for these changes.
At this point, the wheel falls off the pram.
Heck! Confusion in thoughts, some dissatisfaction, and even this wheel! Stroller brand new! I am beside myself with anger.
Only now I see that I am in the park.
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