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Georgy stared at Jadwiga, or rather at her nipples pulled up to the top, and could not understand what kind of leshei she was hiding all this under the loose clothes of her daily clothes ?! Now the girl was standing in his room with a book in her hands, and she was saying something about the text she didn’t understand, concerning the essay she had been given.
George almost did not hear her, he devoured the body of Yadvigi, which became in the light of his room even more translucent through the thin fabric of his nightdress.
To understand his reaction to the girlish charms is quite possible.

George has been abroad for half a year, and he has not had sexual relations all this time.
Study, internship, work, yes, plus another country made adjustments in his sex life.
And here before him there is an undoubted treasure in the unthinkable attire, babbles something and for some reason blushes deeply under his gaze, which Jadviga had not noticed before for the bold and self-confident Yadvigoy.
George tore his wandering gaze from the girl’s belly, looked at her crimson face, and then came up and began to kiss her. Live sex cams no sign up.

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