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Already completely flying away, I noticed that men do not agree, act in the same rhythm.
At that moment the sun flashed in my head and I flew away.
When I returned, Alex still slammed his dick into me.

He squeezed my chest tightly with my hands, but there was no pain.
By the way his pace accelerated, I realized that he would stop now.
At this moment, Lesha made a moan, or a growl, and especially penetrated deep into me.
I felt his sperm jerking me up.
Having lost control of myself, I groaned and inadvertently clenched my teeth, and only then I remembered that I had a member of Viti in my mouth.
Victor also moaned, but the pressure was not very strong, and the member came out of my mouth, shining from my saliva and grease.
A thin line of discharge stretched from the head to the lips.
For some time Leshyn member moved in me, and then went limp and slipped out of my pussy.
Lesha kissed me, whispered in my ear: You are lovely, – fell off to the side.
I did not have time to catch my breath, as his place was taken by Victor and began to drive his handsome Lesha for sludge and sperm.
At first I didn’t feel anything except the penetration of me and the light tickling of my clitoris with hair, when Victor entered me all the way.
With each movement, Leshina leaked a sperm from Leshina and ran down her perineum to her ass and then to the bed sheet.

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As it seemed to me, a decent puddle of sperm and our secretions formed under me.
Gradually, in the lower abdomen, filling all of me from top to bottom, such a desirable sweetness began to grow, and I flew away again.
It seemed that the husband would continue indefinitely, his member slid so easily in me.
But now his movements began to accelerate and, having driven his handsome man almost into the womb itself, Victor finished.
All men are the same, trying to push their sperm as deep as possible.
Victor lay down beside him, and the three of us came to our senses for a while, limiting ourselves with strokes and light kisses.
I was very thirsty, and Alex ran down to the first floor for wine.
When he got up, it turned out that Alex had forgotten the wine glasses, and had to drink from the bottle.
Come up with entertainment: one picks up the wine in his mouth and in a kiss pours another.
It turned out amazing.
A truly intoxicating kiss.
Then, as an appetizer, the “boys” offered their beauties – no pastry as a dessert lay next to them.
From such amusements, the members got stronger and were filled with blood, and a sequel should obviously follow.
And it followed.
Lesha was again on me and this time easily got into my pussy.
When he entered the rhythm, and I was ready to fly again, Victor whispered something in Lesha’s ear.
Alex nodded and turned to lay on his back, and I was on it.
My lover took possession of my breasts

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and began to caress her with his hands and lips.
It finally brought me, and I renounced reality.
Back I returned movement in the pope.
Victor took advantage of the fact that my ass was upstairs, and put his dick in me.
Benefit of the anus was wet and slippery from discharge and sperm, and the member slipped into me quite freely.
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