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Some of them managed to understand what they saw in those few seconds, that the girls remained within sight and who was surprised and who was pretty smiling.
Only at the very last moment, Sonya, licking her sexual lips for the last time, picked up her coat from the floor and quickly threw it on Olga, allowing her to quickly fasten the strap and fasten the buttons.
And then the doors opened.

The girls slipped to the nearest.
And Sonya, just before the departure of the train, waved a pen to her viewers.
And all the way, she tried out Oli, what they did, where and how they looked.
The memories themselves mercilessly wound up Olga, did not let her excitement fade away.
In the end, Sonya only dreamily said: “Well, at least they will be fine today.”
And Olga sincerely agreed with her.
Who was this couple to each other? Young spouses? Lovers? Just a couple late on the first date? Who knows.
But after what he saw, they are unlikely to have other thoughts than to quickly retire and have sex.
Further the road passed in complete silence.
However, as soon as the girls came out of the subway, Sonya hugged her companion around the waist and, almost immediately, ran her hand down and put her hand on Olya’s bare thigh, simultaneously raising her coat and opening the bottom of her ass with a casual look.

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And slowly led her down the street.
The area was new.
Rich homes.
Big people.
And not far from the center.
Ole has never been here.
But the access door, to which the girls arrived five minutes later, Olga learned without difficulty.
The door opened Oleg.
– And finally! – he said.
– I will not be able to hold them anymore! Olya was surprised to note that Oleg was dressed.
Honestly, she was expecting quite the opposite after today.
He was wearing a white shirt and black pants.
However, the top buttons of the shirt were unbuttoned, and Oleg managed to take off his socks somewhere.
Sonya quickly threw off her shoes and, noticing that Olga was standing in indecisive thoughts, she unzipped her coat and casually threw it into the closet.
“You won’t need it today,” she whispered in Ole’s ear while you were taking off your boots.
Oleg looked at the girl with a close look and quite smiled.
Olga did not know what they thought of themselves there, but personally she was somewhat uncomfortable in this form.
Thoughts constantly revolved around their own appearance.
But Sonya tenaciously grabbed Olga by the hand and persistently dragged her into the back room,

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past the bathroom.
As soon as she entered, Olga immediately recognized this room.
A large sofa, on which Sonya and Oleg frolicked just a couple of days ago, stood along the wall.
Slightly closer to the door was a small sofa, on which it was very comfortable to get together. Mature live sex.

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