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Holding the handle, she opened the door a little and darkened in her eyes for a moment, but Nadya quickly came to her senses and looked out into the corridor.
There was nobody there.
After the third couple at the institute there was peace and quiet.

Nadya one foot crossed the threshold of the audience, but she could not hold back the excitement and leaned pussy to the door, she pressed herself to the sash and touched her lips to the cool surface of the door, feeling the pressure of her clitoris instantly exploded in a mad wave of orgasm, Nadya gasped and sat down on the threshold.
After catching her breath and removing the tension, she calmly looked around the corridor.
She slowly stepped away from the door.
Then she took another step and let go of the doorknob.
Strangely, she never dreamed of walking naked by the institute, today she found something on her, but she was happy, for a long time she didn’t feel so wildly excited and for a long time she hadn’t finished so sweetly.
After taking a few more steps, Nadya returned to the audience.
But there was nothing exciting, but it was in the corridor.
There, through three doors, there was still some occupation.
Nadia had a wild desire to go there and look into the audience naked.
Or take a look and ask chalk.
But still, the sense of reality did not allow her to do this.

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Then Nadia just decided to play.
She took a few steps, touched the first door and quickly returned to her audience.
Then she touched the second door and quickly ran back.
The teacher, Rudolf Petrovich, looked out from the audience in which the classes were looking, but he didn’t see the one who was running and returned to the class after closing the door.
Then Nadia decided.
She slowly, listening to the steps in the audience, moved toward the fourth door.
Her pussy again wildly pulsed and Nadia went forward holding one hand between her legs and nadrachivaya his clitoris, she imagined how someone would come out and see her and she was excited even more.
She sighed and wanted to run to the fourth door, but suddenly a sharp draft slammed the door to her audience and Nadia, slightly taken aback, ran, but ran to the other end of the corridor where the toilet was, and ran very quickly, because the door slammed to the fourth door and was about to go out into the corridor.
Nadia skipped to the toilet and at the last moment dived out the door.
She pressed her back to the wall and sharply stuck her fingers in her pussy.
The orgasm repeated again, and Nadya, weakened, sank to the floor.
And Rudolf Petrovich for a moment saw the bare ass of the girl hiding in the toilet.
I thought more precisely what he thought he saw.
Naked girls do not run around the institute, as he had not dreamed of.
And Nadia sat on the floor of the toilet and thought what to do now.
Clothes and a telephone remained in the audience, and a couple began to break and she heard someone move toward the toilet.

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She quickly hid in a booth and waited.
Alina entered the toilet.
Anya is their worst friend.
But there was no choice, and Nadya entered the cabin to Alina.
Alina sat on the toilet and mumbled loudly with her golden trickle, but when she saw Nadya’s naked trickle in front of her, she suddenly stopped mumbling. Nice boobs cam.

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