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To be brave, we had to drink one more glass, and both of my bare breasts were under his hands.
Leah looked at us with burning eyes.
The spectacle of mutual caresses of men and women extremely excited her.

She got up, walked over to me and broke off my robe, took Alyosha’s hands and put them on my hips.
Alyosha jumped to his feet, threw me on the sofa and began to caress.
His lips alternately touched my nipples, breasts, abdomen, thighs.
Hands slid over the body, touching and studying as if.
Realizing that everything had already been allowed, I took Alyosha’s hand and placed it under my pants on my body, and with my hand I squeezed Alyosha’s upright member.
Alesha froze, hesitated a little, jumped up, took off his clothes and appeared completely naked before us.
I admired his beautiful, strong body.
Leah kept her eyes on what was most interesting for her in the man’s device.
Alyosha lay down between us and helped us to remove the little that was left to us.
Closely pressed to each other with hot bodies, we lay motionless.
“Touch Leah and caress her,” I whispered quietly to Alyosha.
Alyosha put his hand on the chestnut Liin hillock and began to caress it, occasionally touching the slightly damp entrance.
Leah trembled from Aleshin’s touches and caresses.
Then he knelt in front of the sofa and began to kiss the inner sides of her thighs, gradually approaching the covered pink lips

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And here they were under his lips.
I knew how sensitive Leah was to such affection.
She was all arched towards his lips, her hips spread wide, the body fluttered, Alyosha took his penis with his hands and began to drive them between Leah’s legs.
Leah sat on her elbows and eagerly looked at the sight that was new to her.
But when Alyosha tried to move a little further, she closed her legs and whispered: – I am afraid.

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First, Natasha, I’d rather just look.
On the floor we had a big bear skin – a gift from hunters.
Alyosha took me in his arms, put it on her and lay down next to me.
Leah hung down from the couch, looked at us with feverish curiosity.
Alyosha began kissing and stroking me again, obviously not daring to go straight to the point.
I grabbed my dick.
Moving closer to him, I began to stroke her.
head of his penis.
How pleasant it was to feel the living flesh, and not some kind of a substitute. I sent Alyosha somewhere and, having inserted the member head inward, put my hand away.
Part 5 Leah.
As soon as Natasha lay down, half-drunk, I sobered up a little.
What should have happened now before my eyes was for me a secret secret that aroused my burning curiosity.
The mystery of the merger of a man and a woman.
I turned all attention and strained hearing.
Alyosha lay down next to Natasha and began kissing her, stroking her breasts.
Natasha turned to him, took his penis with her hand and began to drive them between her thighs.
Then she froze for a moment, spread her legs wider, and Alyosha covered her with her large body.
Alyosha’s back gradually rose and fell, his body slightly wavering, he kissed Natasha on the lips and closed eyes.
His hands, lying on the floor, stroked and squeezed her breasts.
What happened between them there, I could not see.
Alyosha’s legs were tightly compressed.
Natasha embraced Alyosha’s hips with her legs and her body swayed slightly in time with his movements.
– Alyosha only you see! I heard Natasha’s quiet whisper and Alyosha’s answer: – Do not be afraid, Natasha, I will make sure that everything is in order.
They fell silent, and their bodies continued to press evenly against each other.
Through the lumen, which opened between them for a moment, I saw that Alyosha’s chest and lower abdomen were wet with sweat.
Alyosha’s arms slipped from Natasha’s shoulders and chest.
It was really hot.
The sharp smell of their heated bodies spread in the air.
I heard Natasha’s whisper again: – Let me turn on my side.
They stopped.
Alyosha freed Natasha.
She turned on her side with her back to him.
Alyosha clung to Natasha again, but, probably, he could not immediately get there.
Then Natasha lifted her leg, put her hand up, took Alyosha by the dick and brought him to herself.
For a short time, an unforgettable picture opened up before me.
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