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“I confiscated your belongings from you, and took a couple of funny photos while you slept.”
And now, since you have come to your senses, it is time for your punishment.
The situation was hopeless, where my clothes were not clear, and even if the clothes appeared, she would have been compromising my photos.

– Well, what do you want? – Now you are my slave, you will execute my orders, without wrangling.
– She slyly grinned, and her pretty face now looked not so innocent as before.
– On this, put it on, I don’t wear such things – they are too tight, I thought I bought it in vain, but there was a use.
She threw on my bed pink women’s panties.
Somehow pulling them, I got up and realized that I now look very ridiculous – the eggs fell out, and the member excitedly delayed the elastic of the panties.
“Ahah, this is funny, well, let me get undressed a little too, otherwise it’s not at all fair that you are in shorts and I am dressed.”
So it will be boring.
– With these words, Alina pulled off a T-shirt and jeans, remained in the same nylon socks, and yellow panties.
There was no bra on it, and I noticed that her small breasts nipples are sticking out excitedly.
– How else to mock you? About invented, go to here.
– She took a marker from the table and wrote “Hook” on my chest, then she ordered me to turn my back on her and stand on all fours.

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– Kick your back and put your ass up, now and then we will write.
I obediently arched myself and felt that I had some inscriptions on my buttock as well.
She brought a mirror and I saw what was written there “for free” and held the arrow to my point.
But the strangest thing is that everything was clean shaven there.
“Oh, while you were asleep, I prepared you slightly for punishment.”
Do not be surprised.
She sat on the bed and brought her little sock leg to my face.
– Kiss me legs.
I began to gently kiss the fingers, at the same time having decided to just kneel down, and not to stand with a protruding ass, as this was too embarrassing.
But then he got another leg on the back and realized that I could not do this.
– Do you like being my slave? – Alina asked with a grin.
– It is humiliating and stupid.
– And I like it, and now take off your sock with your mouth and lick my legs, otherwise they are tired after a whole day in sneakers.
The smell and taste were not very, but the legs were very tender and pretty, so I began to excite it.
Speaking with my tongue on the big finger, I began to suck on it, gradually switching to others, but not forgetting to return to it.
Soon all the fingers glittered from my saliva, and in the mouth there was the salty taste of Alina’s feet.

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I felt the lubricant start to ooze out of the penis and how it twitches slightly in panties.
From this, I began to blush.
“Oh, you like it too, I see.”
– Alina began to shove one leg even deeper into my mouth, trying to push through several fingers at once, while the other leg reached for the head of a member sticking out from under her panties and, clasping it with her toes, began to make circular movements.
She played with my tongue, deftly grabbing the big finger legs, and at the same time drove her fingers on the head of my penis. Nude indian top models.

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