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Mmmmy! My legs wrapped around your hips, calves squeezed your buttocks, ordering me to go deeper.
I loved so much when you grew deep in me! Indeed, the penis appeared in me right along your very testicles, large weighty treasures.
Giving a kiss to my lips, you began to move up and down.

It was a gentle pressure.
I felt every hot cell of your body, hard and greedy.
I was completely in your power.
And the realization of this filled me with jubilation.
Getting into my bosom to the full depth, you gave me not only physical satisfaction.
These were feelings of a higher order, which I can never explain.
Moving you are not silent.
That gentle whisper, the passionate roar you confessed: – Princess, this is happiness.
to be with you.
Enter your sweet spot.
I want you! Then I remember my cry.
I finished again

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After a flash of lightning, I realized that your tremors accelerated and became more powerful.
After a moment, you also finished.
As always, you stayed in me for a while.
Then, catching his breath, he rolled onto his back, pulled me close and kissed my temple.
We lay sweaty, tired, but completely satisfied with each other.
I do not know how I could have survived our separation if it were not for my little secret.
No, of course, I did not want to hide anything from you.
And that day when you called, I was just about to tell everything.
At the meeting.
Dyomka, you destroyed everything yourself! Now I already know that you just chickened out.
This realization came to me later.
And at first I was very angry at you and offended.
You were afraid to be happy and, perhaps the smallest, you were afraid of responsibility.
I understand you and do not blame a bit.
You know, and my secret is your eyes are blue stars with a warm sheen, like two small Perseids from the August sky.

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Perhaps this is a gift to me from fate.
When I wore our miracle in myself, I applied a phone to your stomach with your photo displayed on the screen.
And she begged: “Let him have your eyes!”.
So it happened.
Here he is, our son, is sleeping in his crib now, and I am writing all this.
From time to time I look at his tiny face.
Sometimes I think, and suddenly I was wrong.
Suddenly you had to tell you that now there will be three of us? But then I understand that I did the right thing.
I tell you that I am expecting a child, you, of course, would have stayed with me.
But it would be violence over your desire.
Oh, how I wish you would stay with me! But not because a child should appear, but because you need me, your Princess.
I didn’t mean to force you.
And now I do not want even more, although every day my love only grows.
But I have for whom to live.
Dementi turned over the last page of the thick diary, quickly picked up the phone and dialed a number with one touch.
Waiting was painful.
Finally, a woman’s voice answered softly: “Yes.”
– Princess? – Dementy asked again, not recognizing the voice.
The answer was not the one he expected and wanted to hear.
– Anna can? – No, Anna is not, – sounded a deaf answer.
– This is Dementi Alexandrovich? – Yes it’s me.
Where’s Anya? – Have you read the diary? – Without answering his eager question, a woman asked.
– Yes.
But where are you from?
He did not finish, she was ahead of him: – I am Irina, friend of Ani.
I brought you her diary.
She herself asked me about it if.
if a.
The voice did not finish, there were tears in it, and then a sigh, as if speaking suddenly there was not enough air.
Dementy, frozen, waited.
It seemed to him that if he interrupted a stranger at the other end of the network, she would not tell him anything.
But he still could not stand it, he blurted out after a few moments: – What is wrong with her ?! Where is Anya? – With her.
everything is bad, very bad.
– finally squeezed unfamiliar.
– She is alive?! – Dementi jumped up and went to the window.
He ran his hand over his face, as if he wanted to shake off the sticky web.
– Answer, damn it! – Yes Yes.
this is a drunk driver.
– confused spoke his interlocutor.
– At a pedestrian crossing.
She asked me to give you a notebook if.
if it does not, but I decided to give immediately.
You must know.
She loves you.
– I want to see her! Croaked Dementy.
– Her and our son.
– It is unlikely that you now let her.
– the stranger seemed to doubt.
– What the hell ?! – he exclaimed, not hiding rage.
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