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As it is not surprising, but so far everything that Karen said was quite acceptable for me, moreover, it became easier for me, because most of all I was afraid of turning Masha into a standard housewife, and this contract excluded such a possibility.
I, of course, added more trouble, but they all seemed to me nonsense compared to the fact that I could officially live with my beloved, I can see her, look after her, caress her.
In the meantime, Karen continued: – Also, it must be fixed that you yourself admit that official marriage does not give you advantages in intimate life with your spouse.

She disposes of her body at her own discretion, in a word, she wants to give, does not want – she does not give.
The only privilege of a husband is cunnilingus, in general, do what you want with your tongue, and keep your pisyun with you.
In addition, with vaginal sex with my wife, it is imperative to use a condom: she fucks me without a gum, and you have nothing to teach her to her sperm.
And in the intimate aspect, another important issue – the husband does not have the right to cheat on his wife.
To guarantee the absence of adultery, you pledge to wear a “chastity belt” on your member, the keys of which will be kept by your wife.
Believe me, this thing you like.
Do you like to masturbate? Come on, do not be shy, Masha told me.
And after masturbation passions subside, you get bored, bad thoughts appear.
And since you are constantly going to be in good shape (popularly, this is called “spermotoksikoz”), you will try to earn the approval of your wife. Real webcam sex.

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