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The blood boiled in the veins of the demon from these thoughts, and the fear in the innocent girl’s eyes, urged to execute everything conceived as soon as possible.
Princess brought before the throne and left.
Standing alone, with her eyes, like a frightened fallow deer, watching with horror the queen moaning beside him, she seemed so fragile for his hands, and even more desirable.

The king already wanted to go down to her when one of his soldiers approached him from the left.
“Let me report,” he whispered, leaning over to Dacon.
– I’m listening! – Came news from the kingdom of Runis.
Everything went as you wished.
The queen resolved in the castle; the fetus did not survive.
The king gathers an army, and prepare to attack the cave in the forbidden forest.
We are waiting for your instructions.
– Ambush ready? – Yes, Your Majesty.
– Good.
We will break it to pieces.
Let our warrior let him know for now.
“It’s time to sow chaos in the city,” the king answered quietly, and then he rose and addressed his filed.
– Soon the Kingdom of Runis will be our new territory.
My state is growing and thriving.
Let’s drink for it! – Hooray! Hooray! Hooray! – Noble warriors snarled at him, and slaves assented to them.
“May King Dacon live, the dark prince of the lands of Etros!” The king drank the sweet wine, and now turned his attention back to the quivering princess, who was awaiting her sentence with fear.
Her cheeks were reddened with frank attire, in which she was led into the common room, and the shackles on her arms and legs caused wild fear and confusion.

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– Hang her up! – rumbled an imperious order, and the girl jerked, hoping to escape, but she was immediately seized by his warriors.
Lilianna was quickly grabbed by the shackles and hitched to chains, which fell from the ceiling with the help of a rotating handrail.
The princess trembled and tried to escape, but was helpless against these monsters.
Starting to turn the handrail, the warriors lifted the girl into the air, and, securing at the level of the king’s groin, moved to the sides.
“Please, please, don’t,” she flashed, feeling terrible fear.
Full stiffness and helplessness caused panic.
The maiden head was tilted back, looking at the high ceiling, although everything was floating before her eyes.
Golden hair of a powerful mop hung down, and the fragile body felt weightless, suspended from chains.
– Rejoice, dear, you have bothered an unprecedented honor! You will become one of my females, give birth to my cubs, they will fill the castle, grow up and crawl around the world, seizing the kingdom, behind the kingdom.
But for me to strengthen my position, my and your kingdom will suffice for now.
“My father will save me,” the girl screamed, and in response, she heard a cheerful laugh.
“Soon, your father will be beheaded, but you, my dear princess, will not care.
All you think about is my dick.
Angry satisfaction oozed from the monster’s voice.
He stood between the legs of the hanging girl, with a close look, looking at her attentively.
She looked like she was sacrificed.
This is a transparent cape on the naked body, shackles on the arms and legs, which are specially spread out as widely as possible.
A princess sacrificed to a demon waiting for death will receive only unprecedented pleasure.
The greatest gift she learns to appreciate.
“You know, beloved bride, you were even luckier than my mother and sister.”
Now, thanks to the offspring, I was filled with strength, and my opportunity to please my females also grew.
His clawed hand went through a thin fabric, splashed it, so that the shreds hung down, completely opening its innocent bosom.
The princess was shaken by an uncontrollable shiver

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when this gray callous paw covered her hairy pubis, slipping further.
Making her way to the unraveled flower of her girlhood.
– Do not, I pray you do not. Ru sex bongacams.

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