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He only snuffled and occasionally tried to lick the nipples of his mashed tits.
After 20 minutes of fucking Kuzya entered the girl’s pussy to the eggs and lowered into it the entire stock of sperm.
He did not perceive condoms and, therefore, the gynecologist Belov was a regular customer.

After lying on the girl without moving for another 5 minutes, Kuzya pulled out his fallen cock, lay down beside him.
Masha understood everything and settled down between the legs of her fuck.
Blowjob she did just fine, but toli from fatigue, toli from extraterrestrial pleasure Kuzya immediately fell asleep.
– I’m trying to suck, but he fell asleep! – Masha got off the bed offendedly.
She left the room and went into the shower, leaving naked Kuzya to sleep on the bed.
– – – – — While Masha was in the shower, Christina returned from work, who was excited and immediately went to the room of the guys hoping to find Anton there.
Going into the room and seeing naked Kuzyu girl fell into a stupor.
– So big, so fat! Not that Martynov 15 cm.
Well, lucky Belova, such a stallion to have.
Kristina never betrayed Anton, and realizing that no one got her now, she sat on the table, lowered her pants and reached into her panties.
The fingers themselves began to caress the pussy and pull the clitoris.
In her thoughts, Kuzya did it to her, but she understood that in reality this would never be.
Already 3 fingers have fucked her and she enjoyed it a lot.
– Kristinka, what are you doing! – came the surprised voice of Kuzi.
– Nothing.
so, went to look.
– What to see? Sit and masturbate here! What are you, Anton is not enough! Kuzya already got out of bed and now stood near Christina.
– Yes, not enough! Yes, with his pod, I hardly get the pleasure and not always.

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Another thing you have, you have so much.
After these words, she took a drooping member and began to suck.
– Kristinkaaa, what are you? Stop it! Anton is my friend, and I can’t fuck his girlfriend.
Yes, and Masha I am not going to change.
– Cousin, dear, I want you, I want to feel your huge cock in me! Well, please, well, at least once! Why do you need Belova with her one and a half? Look at how great they are! – Christina said and bared her beautiful breasts 3 sizes.
– Damn, what to do? And what if someone comes down.
“Do not think about it, see what a cool ass I have or is Masha better?” Christina had already undressed and got cancer, raked on the table.
“No, you better, you have to grab hold of it!” “Well, so act, I’m all flowing!” “Well, okay, you can do it once!” Kuzya grabbed Christina’s buttocks and forcefully drove his dick in the ass.
– Not there, then I still devstvenitsa.
– No longer.
Relax and enjoy! Itself asked for it.

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He fucked Christina in the ass without even thinking about tenderness.
Her hole was not prepared for this, but the girl didn’t feel pain, she was fine, her end is being fucked by a normal, big cock.
She even finished in the first year and not once, but three times, almost in a row.
– Yes Kuzya, do not stop! Ebi me.
Fuck like your bitch, I’m all yours! The cousins ??of the eggs slammed about Christina’s crack, making exciting clicks.
He greedily pawed girl’s breasts, squeezed them, pinched swollen nipples.
She – decent and serious girls fucked like the last slut and also at her request.
She understood that it was not a one-time pleasure and she would have to go under Kuzyu more than once.
She already gave him her anal virginity, and therefore gave herself.
Kuzya took out a member, turned Christina face to himself and stuck it in her mouth.
A little sucking she felt that warm guy’s sperm is poured into her throat.
Pulling his farm out of Christine’s mouth, he spread the remnants of his semen on her breast and told her to dress.
The girl quickly threw her clothes and left the room, wagging her delicious and not virgin ass.
While my girlfriend was busy on the toilet, I washed off all traces of what had happened.
When she came out of the closet, I met her, kissed her and sent her to the shower.
She came out of the bathroom in shorts and a T-shirt.
Scowling at me, she passed by into the room and lay down on the sofa.
That evening, she no longer spoke to me, however, as in the next couple of evenings.
Mom asked what happened, but we naturally could not tell about the reasons. Sex camera office.

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