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According to Dashka, it was clear how unpleasant this circumstance was for her, because an unpredictable conversation of the mother with the failed partner was expected.
So it was – first of all mom greeted us and went to her room to call.
Dasha also grabbed the phone and as the conversation continued, it gradually turned white.

Suddenly, she threw the phone, and literally a second later her mother burst into the room where we were, who, on the contrary, looked noticeably reddened with rage.
An amazing picture appeared before our eyes.
Mom started screaming at Dashka and told her to drop her pants and lie down, putting her ass on the soft armrest of the sofa.
She took her decorative black belt out of the skirt, hastily folding it in half.
Dasha was virtually speechless and could only timidly ask for simplicity and say a few words about the fact that she had never been punished before and that there were many of her friends here.
At that moment I realized how unlucky Dasha was with the belt – thin and round in section, it rather looked like a medium-thick flexible wire and, most likely, it was very painful.
As I understood it, the very first spanking of this young beauty should have happened before us – this followed from what Dashka was saying, and that she had never told me about such incidents before.
I did not have time to recover myself, as Dasha obediently obeyed before our eyes the instructions of his mother.
From her face, we could observe how frightened she was by the wrath of her mother and, probably, she was trying to do so in order not to anger her even more.

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She was already lying, as her mother told her, looking nervously in her direction.
Her jeans were unbuttoned and lowered, which opened the gaze of a smooth, rather darkish ass for her age.
But it was noticeable that by pressing the top of the trousers to the outside of the armrest of the couch with the thighs, Dasha is trying with all her might to hold her pants so that they do not sleep even lower and do not show all of us her girlish pussy.
I looked at other unwitting, but, in my opinion, even grateful for it, the audience, in order to impress in my memory the expressions of their faces during such a scorching event.
As expected, the boys opened their mouths and completely fixed their eyes on the round object of punishment.
There was one girl there, Valka.
She, too, with genuine interest looked at the ass of his girlfriend, but I noticed on her face also some excitement.
Who knows, maybe they will want to flog her too! After all, they all still did not know why Dasha was being punished.
And at this time, which after the appearance of the mother and the return of the corresponding orders to her daughter, was filled with her cries and lasted no more than half a minute, the mother struck the first blow on the hastily naked Dashina pope.
The blow was very sharp and wavelike.
Immediately after the belt came into contact with the booty, the

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mother made efforts to pull her belt back, thereby causing the greatest pain.
A narrow red lone scar appeared on a girl’s priest, despite the fact that the belt was folded in half.
Dasha made an impressive cry, but the second strike was immediately followed.
It was absolutely identical to the previous one – just as fast and sharp, leaving a bright scar.
Dasha screamed from the pain, and her mother, in her rage, continued to deliver all the same quick and painful blows, leaving no pauses between blows as much as possible.
“Mom, I’m sorry!” – a young creature screamed, twirling its charming booty, which, however, was never able to dodge all new and new blows. Sex games online games.

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