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What time is it? The girl rose.
– Where are three.
Do not be afraid.

We will call your parents later, I will say that you came to help me with something.
Let’s lie down like that.
Dianochka again lay down on my chest under the beard.
My tits themselves were not visible under the veil.
– So good for you.
– Yes, that’s for sure.
– You know.
– What? “When did you kiss me there?”
And when we went this way so that we could help each other.
That seemed to hit me with a current.
It was so unusual.
– Did you like it? – I do not know.
It was not usual.
– I like it.
Even more.
– Well.
and I probably.
– Well, when we repeat again, you will understand whether you liked it or not, have we agreed? – aha))))) And we repeat again? – Of course, my little one))))) Many more times)))))) – Okay)))) I hugged the girl tightly – My little princess)))))) The girl laughed approvingly.
))))))))))))))))))))) – Tell someone about this? – I do not know.
– Decide for yourself.
If you want to tell, be ready that everyone will point a finger at you and no one will communicate with you.
– why? – Well, people are like that.
You know yourself if a serious illness in a person is supposedly cancer or AIDS.
That does not communicate with him.
And if they find out that you’re being treated for a tumor.
That just will not communicate.
And so with you, nothing terrible will happen if we continue to study this way.
Yeah – Good.
– My little)))) And then the girl herself presses her head to my chest while I hug her lying on the sofa.
– Listen, I got so tired.
You lie here, and I will go to the refrigerator to drop in))) – Can I go to the toilet? – Of course you can, baby))) – And where.

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– What? – Well.
– Panties chtoli? – Yes.
– Yes, then you will find.
If you want to go, I’ll give you a robe.
I quickly got rid of shoes and outerwear, walked with packages into the kitchen.
While she was taking a shower and putting herself in order, I managed to make rolls of chops.
When Natasha entered the kitchen, the table was already laid.
– Wow! When did you have time? We came together.
– Yes, here is the case, while you were refreshed, I managed to do everything! – Let’s eat then, today I was without lunch, for the older one.
Strength and nerves spent a lot.
While we had dinner, we exchanged impressions about our working days.
After dinner, Natasha sent me to the shower, but she herself remained to wash the dishes.
“Are you the same tomorrow at eleven?” she asked when I got out of the shower.
– Yes.
– Then, let’s go to bed early to sleep.
I’m tired.
She lay on her side and quickly fell asleep.
As was, in a house dressing gown, socks.
Even without a blanket.
I admired this sleeping beauty for a while.
I looked at the clock, time only half past nine in the evening.
Then he gently pulled off her socks, untied the gown belt, also gently pulled one sleeve off of her, then the other, pulled the robe out from under her, threw it aside.
She was asleep, cringing in her panties.
I covered her with a blanket, undressed himself, lay down beside her, pressing her under the blanket and soon fell asleep.
I woke up at eight in the morning.
Natasha was still asleep.
But there were no panties on it! They were lying on the bathrobe.
I got up and went to the toilet, and then washed.
He returned to the room and lay down next to Natasha.
From this, she just woke up.
– What time is it? – Eight.
– Good morning.
Chur breakfast with me.
Not hungry yet? I’m running to the toilet now.
– she got up and went out of the room.
I took off the panties, and climbed onto the bed under the covers.
She returned ten minutes later

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, already from the bathroom, wiping her hair with a towel.
Throwing the blanket off me, she squatted at my feet and began to stroke my trunk.
He immediately responded and rose.
– I didn’t really succeed at the dacha, I want to learn.
If something is wrong say.
– she began to speak mysteriously. Sex online watch movie.

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