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I saw how the eyes of the boy and the girl were lit — those who were older — and I realized that it was a dream of their whole life.
Without looking at each other, they undressed, turned pink, gave their moms panties, and then turned around so awkwardly to each other, naked, smiled.
and then the whole mob rushed to the pool with us! How we worked with them there – it’s not in a fairy tale to say what they say! Dasha loves children, she is ready to mess around and play with them all her life, leaving everything else.

She herself is a child, in fact, even not in a figurative sense, but in the most direct: she is not yet 20, she is very direct, she always expresses her feelings wholeheartedly, and she knows how to have fun, gives everything to herself in everything.
at the same time she is very clever, developed, talented – she knows and can more than me.
Here is my Dasha: -).
In general, retelling our fuss is useless: -).
We updated the layer of paint on ourselves and, in my opinion, became four centimeters thicker: -).
We floundered there, until the paint again turned into a brown mass.
Dasha squealed and tumbled with the children simply selflessly.
Naked teenagers – a boy and a girl – were very shy at first, and then they both began to tumble and rub against each other! It scared me all up and excited for some reason, even more than the first session with girls.
I do not know why – I have never been a pedophile, but – like this.
and I tried to inadvertently hurt the nipples and pussy of the girl, and when I succeeded, I thought that no one had done this before me, and this thought simply blew off the roof.

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And all this is in front of dozens of people, in tons.
and parents! My member terribly demanded detente, I already tried to be in a horizontal position all the time, and all the time I substituted him for Dasha, who strived to inadvertently touch him (frankly, of course, it was impossible).
She, like a young one, fiddled with children, and got such a brutal thrill from it, her eyes sparkled so much that sparks spilled out of them.
She dipped and kneaded them in paint, juggled with them, and they hung on her like monkeys on her mother.
Dashunya was wildly happy, she directly sounded screaming with the children, and we all poured each other with iridescent rainbow streams.
I felt: two more prikonsoveniya to the member, and I will finish, and already wanted to imperceptibly rub myself on the soft floor to normal.
but wondered.
I did not want at one moment to deprive myself of continuing the holiday.
So we often have sex: we repeatedly approach an orgasm – and stop: it is a pity to interrupt pleasure.
It happens, we exhaust ourselves to complete exhaustion; and then the orgasm comes suddenly, suddenly – one of the times it always fails to interrupt – and it is as wild and dazzling as lightning.
In general, we got out this time too, although Dasha didn’t want to part with the children terribly and went back – to wander the hills.
I didn’t have a photo left – they promised only to send random acquaintances (I gave them my soap) – and I want to describe Dashka how she looked.
The main color of her body was glossy white – white was there the most.
On top of white, it was all divorced with bright bright blue, red, yellow, green, and purple, plus thousands of semitones from mixing with white.
Her hair stuck together, and the crown of her head was unusually round, and her curls did not differ at all – her head looked like a sleek, glazed ball with a large appendage behind — neither give nor take, a kettle with a handle.
Eyelashes, too, stuck together, and his eyes sparkled directly from under the multi-colored spots, and they themselves seemed such spots.

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From the hair, from the nose, from the nipples, from the fingers dripping paint.
The soles, of course, were also in the paint, and the legs slid nicely – just like mine. Sexting simulator online.

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