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But it seemed that I had a choice that She would not think of, I could not stop it.
If now everything depends on the mood of the Lady, then you have to try to make it good.
Although She can give me Hell and in a good mood, just for fun.

Behind these thoughts, I spent the next few hours kneeling.
The front door slammed and I heard the voice of the Lady: – Go into the bedroom and get ready, I will come soon.
– She entered the room and turned to me.
– Did you miss? Although who cares.
So now I will show you one of the options for your future.
In the bedroom one of my slaves, I called him Stotch, at leisure, and I’ll think of a nickname.
I got him to work as a watch.
Once a month, or two, or even three, he comes, I take the money, leaving him only the amount necessary for life, spend time with him, and then he leaves again.
He probably doesn’t like it, but I’m worried about his opinion.
I will have fun with him, and you will see.
Get up, hands behind your back and go.
I got up, folded my hands behind my back, and the Lady snapped handcuffs on my wrists.
– This is just in case that there is no temptation to masturbate.
The lady brought me to the bedroom, pointed her finger in the corner, I obediently knelt on the corner in the corner and began to observe.
Near the bed, his back to me, on his knees was a naked guy.

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He was of medium build, like me, cut short, there was no vegetation on his back and legs, I suppose, in other places too.
I noticed that he was wearing a regular leather collar.
Mistress must trust him.
Maybe he managed to achieve her location, maybe I can.
There is hope that not everything is so bad.
And then the Lady spoke to him: – Get on the bed, get on all fours and legs wider.
Show newcomer what you can do.
If you do not have time to lubricate yourself, then you are not lucky.
Stotch executed the order, the Lady sat on the bed on the side of him and began to stroke his buttocks.
She inserted her index finger into his anus, winked at me, and without any ceremony smoothly and quickly thrust the whole brush into it.
The guy didn’t even flinch.
Is it possible to get used to this.
It must have been a long time in slavery.
Mrs. twisted her hand inside the Cattle and slowly began to make progressive movements, each time inserting her hand deeper.
When the hand entered him already to the elbow, the Mrs. sharply accelerated.
Having gained a decent speed, the Mistress pulled her hand

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out of the backside of the slave and pounded her back with full swing.
I did not know what Scot felt at that moment, but, strangely enough, he was silent.
The lady stopped, took out her hand, patted the guy on the back.
He buried his face in bed, and the Lady rose and stood next to his ass.
From the corner I had a good overview of the actions of Mrs. Victoria and what I saw struck me even more.
Mrs. Victoria stuck both hands in anal Scot, and so deep that her elbows disappeared in the ass.
Without stopping at all, the Mistress began to fuck him with both hands, as fast as a punching bag.
And then I realized the seriousness of the words of the Lady.
She really doesn’t care that we are living people, for her we are just things. Spy cam naked sister.

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