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Well doctor, turned away.
Look at me, I said, she looked.
Finished or not.

Yes, looking at me she said.
Pleasantly, I asked, pulling my fingers from the priests, and again plunging them inside.
Well, maybe, she said, looking at me with open lips, licking her lips with a pink tongue.
Like, then I said looking into her eyes, she breathed rapidly.
He pulled out his fingers, poured a lubricant on his palm and fingers, and began picking at her bottom with three fingers, sinking, dropping them, in chaotic speed.
I like it means.
She – well.
gods, aa.
I – ends it means, well, kick the ass better.
She – obeyed, standing with cancer.
I like.
She is – yes.
I, you know that you have a big hole, I asked.
Yes – I know, said Marina.
And you know

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why, I asked.
Yes I know.
I rub a member with my hand, unbuttoning my fly.
Like so, yes.
Yes – I like it moaning quietly.
Four fingers – in her ass felt tugovato, all the same hand is not female – I regretted at this moment about this scenario.
Well, how to relax, I said.
Grease on the hand, and more intense deep penetrations, assembled the brush, picking up a thumb in the palm.
Relax your ass Marina.
Another grease pushes inside.
Ltd., the hand completely slipped into her hole.
So I told you the fist, while she moaned in pain.
It hurts me, please.
Stand still, with my other hand I began to jerk my dick.
Sister popped her hand deeply, I asked.
YES, she said, moaning.
Look at me, I said.
Well, she answered.
I straightened my hand in her ass and began to study the walls from the inside.
What a soft, nice to you.

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She was fine now, she said, and looking at me, she rolled her eyes under her forehead – so I saw her snow-white squirrels.
Nice, like, yes.
Yes, like it – looking at me embarrassed.
You can go deeper – I asked, looking at her boobs.
Can-only not much.
Well, I smeared my wrist and plunged my hand even further.
AAA, she began to lick the skin of a gin.
chair tongue.
From the gap dripping like a tap.
Feeling a very delicate wall inside her priests, and found the entrance to the intestine, a narrow passage.
Even deeper – he put his hand, after having smeared his wrist even further.
Now she rolled her eyes, more and more often, occasionally blinking, licking her lip with her tongue, methodically then on the top, then on the lower lip.
I put two fingers into the very depths – I started digging there from my interest while looking at her, she rolled her eyes straight for about five seconds, I’ve already lost my temper – as she does.
Jerking my dick, it became wildly pleasant, sitting on a chair between her legs, I let my pants down to my knees in the heat of lust.
Jerking his dick, reaching for his hand.
Ay– squeaked Marina.
What pain I asked.
Yes, she answered.
I reached out with a gloved hand, all in slime and lubricant.
The hole was red and resembled a funnel.
there would be a fist again, if I wanted to.
On the chair was a puddle spreading to the sides.
With booty, everything is clear, but after all, you and the crack are fucked, so I asked, between her legs, looking into her eyes, a little foggy.
Yes, sometimes, my boyfriend – she replied.
Want to pussy now! You, like, do not know.
Get down from the chair, she got down and stood in front of me.
Go to the couch, get up cancer.
But doctor, me.
– she said.
What do you love when you fuck in pussy, yes.
Yes, I love – but you – she lowered her eyes.
Or fuck you in the ass I asked.
No, I’m not tired, I sat down on the couch.
I walked over to her, holding my pants not buttoned at the waist.
What do you want – she said – when I got up before the days of the groin.
No – I will not say she turned her head and looking at me.
Please I do not want – she said quietly.
Well, a little bit, I said, looking at her.
Well, I.
just don’t cum in my mouth, she said.
Well, I pulled my pants down and they fell to the floor.
She pushed me a little away from the edge of the couch, and knelt beside me. The sex cam.

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