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A man who tried to deliver as much pleasure to the woman.
Feeling the proximity of detente, he suppressed the growing excitement with willpower, paused and took out the penis from the hospitable heart.
The girl opened her eyes and looked at him in surprise.

– Honey, roll over on the tummy.
– she smiled and lay on her stomach.
Thor slipped a pillow under it.
thus raising the hips of the girl and again thrust the penis into the bosom.
Her hands clenched into fists, she gasped and buried her face in the pillow, as if trying not to miss a single moment of these exciting sensations.
Thor squeezed his hands with a thin waist and continued to drive the penis between these lovely buttocks.
Several times he was close to orgasm, but he restrained himself – today he should not think about himself.
Today everything is only for her, quietly crying and screaming, clinging to the sheet in a fit of passion.
For her.
The girl arched, threw back her head and screamed.
The man felt the elastic pulsation of her delicate pussy, stopped, letting her feel the orgasm.
Then he began to move slowly again.
Less than a minute, as she came again, this time the orgasm was much longer.
Thor came out of her tender bosom, lay down beside her and began to kiss her – razomlevshuyu, weak and so beautiful.
She only moaned softly, hugging him.
As suddenly green eyes opened, she abruptly sat down.
– What’s wrong with you, honey? – I.
I remember! I remembered everything! – God held her and gently hugged, hugging him.

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– What do you remember? – Everything.
I remembered everything.
– she just fidgeted, putting her head on his shoulder and continued, without waiting for questions.
– My name is Eileen, I live.
That is, lived in the village of Avalon, two-sunset.
So it is called because it is located between two mountains – the Elder and younger sisters.
– And what, is it true that the Sun sets twice? – God mocked mockingly.
What only these mortals will not think up to look exceptional in their eyes! – Nearly.
First, it hides behind the shoulder of the Younger Sister, then suddenly peeps between them and finally leaves behind the slope of the Elder.
Therefore, it seems that we have two sunsets, and not one, like everyone else.
– Now I understand.
Tell me further.
How old were you? – Almost 17.
A week later, on my birthday, my father had to take me to

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the Wizarding Sisters, study.
– Learn magic? – Yes.
Even in winter, one of these Wise Women visited us – they go to villages and look for gifted girls.
She said that such a strong gift as I have not had for three hundred years! Therefore, if I want – they will wait for me after I turn 17.
Parents were very proud of me.
– she fell silent.
Tor silently waited for her to continue.
– But a week before my seventeenth birthday I died.
– Do you remember how it happened? – A man came to us.
He was quite young, but he looked very sick.
We offered him help, but he refused, only asked to be taken to the side of the Elder Sister, to the Gates of Hell.
I agreed to conduct it.
My father arranged for him to sleep, and the next morning we set off.
– What other gates? – interrupted her Thor.
It is unlikely that an unknown passage to Jotunheim could appear near a tiny village, but you never know.
– This is the name of one place on the northern slope – there the rocks are like gates.
And the Gates of Hell they were called because people often disappear there.
And there are a lot of scary legends about this place.
– Oh, I get it.
Just your local fairy tales.
– God grinned.
– This is not a fairy tale.
This is all true! – She even raised her head and looked indignantly at him. View sex video online.

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