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Tauno recovered much faster, even though he was thrown into heat from one glance at the guest from the silver moon.
And what about the drink of immortality? – The young man asked before Zaldron managed to utter a word.
From the look of the emerald eyes of Luihad, nothing could be understood.

Neither he nor the moon maidens, gave the appearance that they had heard Tauno.
The young man asked her again, and then Luihad answered.
I brought the elixir the last time you called me.
– His voice was as wonderfully beautiful as the look.
– But if you want more.
You can get more.
This is my gift to you.
Not free, of course.
I think we will agree.
I will bring you as much elixir for how much you will pay.
Pay what? – Asked Tauno.
Luihad’s answer came as a complete surprise to Tauno with Zaldron.
Virginity is like? – Tauno asked sarcastically while Zaldron tried to utter the speech he had reserved beforehand.
Luihad responded with his soft, stinging voice.
The girls, who gave their innocence to me, will receive from me some of our potions that can cure any diseases and endow people with strength and beauty, and even immortality.
Oh, yes, and if we started talking about this, you don’t have to drink them yourself.
You can transfer them to any other.
They will act on any person in the same way.
Well, agree? Do

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I still fly? Yes! – Shouted Tauno before finally gathered Zaldrona.
Luihad nodded.
I’ll be back by the middle of summer.

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The evening of the summer full moon.
If someone wants my potions, let them come.
And yes, we can also trade with young men in the same way, I think they will not refuse to give up their virginity to my companions, and also receive an appropriate payment.
Having finished, he began to rise into the air.
Wait! – Finally shouted Zaldron.
– And if you do not accidentally drag all of our women, like poor Laurelin? Not.
– Luihad answered cheerfully.
– Well, except that one or the other, if you really like.
With these words, he flew into the air, and the moon maidens followed him.
When the guests had disappeared from the moon, Tauno and Zal’dron were still standing on the top of a hill, realizing that the inhabitants of the moon had left them too quickly, and Zaldron never had time to ask any of the questions prepared in advance.
So nothing really said.
– Finally, said Zaldron, when it became clear that the inhabitants of the moon were gone completely.
Nothing, back to the middle of summer.
– Tauno answered him.
“Then it certainly won’t get away.”
Just do not get lost as it is now.
Zaldron confusedly agreed with the words of a much more self-confident and decisive Tauno.
Only short summer nights gave rest to the burnt land.
Tauno and Zaldron were waiting for the nearest full moon night when Luihad promised to return.
Since spring, both of them conducted cautious conversations with local residents, wondering who else could be drawn into this business.
Tauno thought about his daughter Yarmaga and her loving bride, Zaldron – about a much more promising opportunity to come to terms with Oberic personally.
In both directions, until the middle of summer, they did not succeed: the second option did not even begin to be seriously worked out, but at first it was not possible to get into the confidence of the girls;
A chance to get a drink of immortality could make them change their mind, but neither Zaldron nor Tauno decided to put all the girls out of fear that they would not be believed, would be taken for madmen, or something else.
So it happened that the next visit of the moon people to the middle. Watch hard sex online.

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