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His legs trembled from the sharp spasms of his deeds.
He slipped out of my shackles and pulled out a belt.
I helped take off my pants and ran a hand to his great dignity.

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His crimson head glistened with grease.
Grabbing my arm, he jerked me to my back.
I did not understand what was happening.
Breaking my hands, tied them with a scarf.
– What are you doing? – I gasped breathlessly.
“I told you, I’ll show you the difference.”
To continue, I did not hear from you such rude words your address.
A strip of belt flared on my ass.
I screamed and tried to break free.
– You oh.
ate! – I growled after the next blow, the sobriety of the mind returned to the second

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– Learn to understand everything from the first time.
– He continued, chasing a finger in my crotch, holding me on the verge of bliss and pain.
From the pocket of his trousers, he pulled out a box.
“I also prepared a gift for you so that you never forget about our lesson.”
Two small clothespins connected by a thin chain.
I could not believe my eyes.
Alex grabbed my hair and jerked me up.
Staying behind, felt how his phallus rested between the buttocks.

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His palms rubbed my nipples.
I caught myself thinking, maybe I sleep? No, it was not a dream.
Kneeling, he bent me to himself, still holding my hair, turned and continued to kiss his lips.
I whispered something unintelligible and asked to stop.
But the more fear raged in me, the more excited I became.
His tongue completely mastered my mouth, and I felt a sharp and piercing pain on my nipples.
I groaned and fell with a slight ring of metal.
His fingers began to massage the clitoris, and I was exhausted, surprised at the sensuality of my body.
– You’re all burning.
– splashing the belt, sentenced Alex.
He untied my hands and immediately tied my elbows in front.
So that I could not lie down, but was in a pose that was convenient for punishment.
He slapped his cock on my ass, ran his hand over the crotch.
and with my eyes shut, I was preparing for the worst.
Vise on the nipples did not allow me to relax, keeping in good shape, at the peak of sensitivity.
– inserting abruptly his cock into my vagina, his voice wheezed, – CALLED.
– Another powerful push, tears dripped from my eyes, a sharp pain from its awesome width, rolled over my body, the ringing of the chain that connected my nipples, echoed in my head with a roar, – FUCK.
his powerful and deep thrusts, almost tore me, I screamed and begged me to stop.
He fucked me slowly, enjoying my screams, grabbed my hips, set them even wider.
He grabbed hold of the chain with one hand, and pulled it out until my moans became even louder, with the other hand he examined my anus.
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