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The girl’s hand stroked the hair of her boss, sometimes directing the movement of the head to the most thirsty caress areas of the body.
Larissa has not known such caresses for 10 years.
She tried to stretch the pleasure, but after 5 minutes she began to actively help with a finger, rubbing the vagina at a furious pace.

The orgasm surged suddenly, but was all-consuming.
Larisa splashed out all the juices accumulated in the last months of marital life.
Alexander did not stop, continuing his caresses to the complete weakening of the girl.
And only when Larissa relaxed her legs, breathing heavily, leaning back on the sofa, Sasha took a seat next to her.
He looked at her heavily heaving chest, straightened her dress, hiding the bare crotch of the assistant.
After that, he drew her to himself and their lips merged in a long kiss.
Larisa was satisfied and sat almost exhausted.
She understood that her unexpected lover was still full of desire and excited now, but she had not yet decided to take retaliatory actions.

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