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What is it? Is he going to drive a toy into me the other way around? I did not have time to beg, as the fat ball slipped inside, stretching me to impossibility.
I howled and jerked, almost tearing off my nipples, but the deed was done – the fat end was in me! – You see, Victoria Igorevna, this stimulator is exactly the size of my penis.
I hope on the next date you will now be much more comfortable to take it.

I didn’t even say anything, feeling like a lollipop.
At least I was just as tightly seated on my own “wand”.
A little later came the realization that the man said about the size of his penis.
Will I be able to endure such a second time? “Well, I told myself, I will deal with this later.”
In the meantime, I enjoyed the huge ball sliding in me.
It seemed that it was so huge that a fold runs along the stomach, just as it does along the spine.

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And again I was severely disappointed.
Chpoknuv last, the stimulant was pulled out of me.
From me so flowed that drops of my juices slapped on the tabletop between my knees.
– Do you have any problems with anal sex? – through the fog I heard.
– No, – I answered on the full machine, – there is no anal sex – there is no problem.
What??? What are you going to do ??? My wildest forebodings were fully embodied.
The rapist, apparently fearing that I would seriously strangle myself or tear off my nipples, took me by the throat and by the shoulders and began to introduce the toy into my ass, not at all used to such treatment.
“Quietly, relax, Viktoria Igorevna,” muttered the man. “I want the beloved to sometimes let me in her ass.”
Therefore, today we begin to develop it.

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Believe me, I will love this little hole of yours very much! In spite of my yelling and twisting, the stimulator easily overcame the resistance of the sphincter – there were so many of my juices on the toy that it didn’t even need any cream, it was so slippery.
I froze in horror and pain, when (fortunately thin) the end stopped.
And then I started to fuck in the ass almost as much as before in the cunt.
I screamed and tried to resist, but the man was relentless, planting a stimulant over and over again, and deeper and deeper.
But to my surprise, I was still flowing, and the pain in the aching anus was gradually replaced by pleasure.
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