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You don’t want to hurt her, do you? “No, I don’t want to,” I answered as calmly as possible.
– And you can not defend her, for this punishment will double.
The only thing you can do for her is to strictly fulfill my and her orders or offer to transfer the punishment from her to you.

It is clear? – Ok, I see.
– So, who is your girlfriend for me? In a broken voice, I was able to say it all the same: “You are her master, and she is a slut and a bed for you,” I noticed how in the words “slut” and “bedding” Masha groaned with pleasure.
– Let’s define, from now on you will call me to you.
– Ok, I will call you on you.
“That’s better,” Karen smiled, “Now back to the hierarchy.”
If Masha is my whore, then who are you in relation to her? – Well, the groom, probably, – I began to guess.
– No, these details do not interest me.
Who among you obeys? – Well, probably, probably.
– Stop mumbling! To me, everything is already clear for a long time, since the days of rest at the camp site, that you are her henpecked.
The only thing I want is to hear it from you.
Answer clearly the question – is it more pleasant for you to punish Masha, or to receive punishment from her? I knew the answer to this question: – I do not want to punish Masha.
I like it when she mocks me.
“So Masha is my whore, and your mistress.”
Repeat! “Masha is your whore and my lady.”
– So who am I to you? – Mister? – Right.
And you are a whore whore, lower caste, and are obliged to carry out my orders and orders of my whore Masha.
Clear? – Yes.
– And now the moment of truth. Webcam indian sex videos.

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