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Monday came, work began, why is our hero in no hurry to dismiss the guy? Before him stood a very serious dilemma.
On the one hand, he can easily return to his former life, but can he really do it? Every night he dreams of Paul, he sees the guy’s naked body in his tight embrace, feels his hot breath on himself, perceives his tender, silk-like skin burning under the passionate lips of a man, hears obscene words flying away from Paul’s mouth.
During the day, Andrei could reproach himself for such thoughts and believe that he could overcome this feeling in himself, but not at night! I can do it, then why should I fire him? You might think that otherwise I can not forget it.

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Random fuck? Do you even believe in it? Then why every morning you, as a schoolboy, waited for the moment when Pavlik entered the office and gently smiled at you – yes, you alone! And why, at this moment, your heart was ready to jump out of your chest, and after a long time you felt in the office the light aroma of his perfume, mixed with the smell of his body, so sweet and fresh ?! And didn’t you want to breathe it as deep as possible ?! Oh, those little liars.
Every day the same malicious thought pounded in the man’s head: what if one more time – and that’s it ?! But every time Andrew convinced himself that he was stronger than that! Is not it, it’s stupid, but Andrew can be understood.
This man has always been a girlfriend and even out of curiosity did not look at the guys, and especially did not dream of them as sexual objects.

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His universe turned over when he and Paul met their eyes, and a man, as they say, opened the door to another world with the inscription: “Welcome! Your sweet torture has just begun! ”
Was it sweet to Andrew? I do not think, although at that moment when the man entered the guy, feeling the heat of such a young body he wanted, it was really very tasty.
Honestly, the remnants of the will left Andrei by the end of the week, and the weekend a strong man became a weak-willed puppet of his feeling, which he had not yet fully realized, but he knew for sure that he had to see and feel Paul again.
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